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Vision / Mission

Vision of IIC:

  • To achieve recognition as an institution of excellence in innovation promotion ecosystem and there by disseminating culture of entrepreneurship in the campus

Mission of IIC:

  • Conduct periodic workshops/ seminars/ interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals in order to expose and promote innovative thinking
  • Network with peers and national entrepreneurship development organizations
  • Organize idea contests to showcase the innovative ideas
  • Define and direct focused technical innovations targeting national priorities

Institute Innovation Council -Constitution

Dr. K. Lakshmi Prasad

President- IIC

Dr. V. Murali Krishna

Vice President, IIC
ARIIA Coordinator

Dr. M. C. Chinnaiah

Innovation Ambassador
Design Thinking & Innovations

Mr. P. Chandra Babu

Member Secretary
Innovation Ambassador
Entrepreneurship Development

Dr. K. Purna Chand

IIC Member
Innovation Ambassador
Pre- Incubations & Incubation

Dr. G Srinivas

Innovation Ambassador
IPR & Technology Transfer

Institute Level Institute Innovation Council has been reconstituted for the Academic Year 2021-22and shall be operative with immediate effect.

S.No Name of the Member Member Type ( Teaching/ Non-Teaching/External Expert) Key Role/Position assigned in IIC
1 Dr.K.Lakshmi Prasad Teaching President, Principal
2 Dr.V.Murali Krishna Teaching Vice President, ARIIA Coordinator
3 Dr. M.C.Chinnaiah Teaching Convener- Innovation Ambassador (DT&I)
4 Mr. P. Chandra Babu Teaching MemberSecretary - Innovation Ambassador (ED)
5 Dr. K. Purna Chand Teaching Innovation Activity Coordinator- Innovation Ambassador (P & I)      
6 Dr. G. Srinivas Teaching IPR Activity Coordinator - Innovation Ambassador (IPR)
7 Dr. A. Varun Teaching Member - Innovation Ambassador
8 Dr.B.Venkata Swamy Teaching Member - Innovation Ambassador
9 Vandana. Ch Teaching Member - Innovation Ambassador
10 Dr. A.Mallikarjuna Teaching Social Media Coordinator
11 Dr. T. Vijaya Gowri Teaching Member
12 Dr. K. Srinivasarao Teaching Member
13 Mr. M.Sai Siddharth Teaching Member
14 Dr. Ibrahim Patil Teaching Member
15 Dr.K.V.N.Srinivasa Rao Teaching NIRF Coordinator
16 Prof. K.S.Reddy Teaching Internship Activity Coordinator
17 Dr. K. Dasaradha Ramaiah Teaching Start up Activity Coordinator
18 M. Krishna Prasanna Teaching Member
19 Mr.  S. A  Shivaraj Teaching Member
20 Dr. T. Thirupathireddy Teaching Member
21 Mr. Sreenivasa Rao Sanakam External Expert, Member, Inucom, Incubation Centre External Member
22 Dr. G S N V K S N Swamy External Expert, Member ,Air OK Technologies, Incubation Centre External Member
23 Mr. AmarenderKatkam External Expert, Patent expert, Smart Bridge Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. External Member
24 Mr. AvinashYedlapati External Expert,Vice President, Mirafra Technologies External Member

Innovation Ambassador Advanced Level Trained Faculty

  • P. Chandra Babu, Department of EEE
  • K. Purna Chand, Department of CSE
  • G. Srinivas, Department of Chemical Engineering

Innovation Ambassador Foundation Level Trained Faculty 

  • M. C. Chinnaiah, Department of ECE
  • A. Varun, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • B. Venkata Swamy, Department of Basic Science
  • Vandana Ch, Department of ECE 

Journey of IIC established at the Institute

IIC was formed in the year 2019 at BVRIT, and since then, activities on campus have been attempting to improve, as seen in the chart below. In 2019-20, the institute received one star; this year, with increased passion and energy all members worked and executed so many activities, even during lockdown.

IIC Annual Report 2020 - Click to View