Randy Pausch Robotics Engineering Center

Major Hardware / Software

S.No Major Hardware / Software
1 Arduino UNOn-R3 with USB Enable
2 Raspberry PI Kit-Model B+
3 Single Board Computer (SBC)-Raspberry PI 512 Model Assembled Board
4 Docile X Mobile Robots
5 ASUS Xtion Pro (Depth Cameras)
6 Arduino UNO Controllers
7 Arduino Motor Shields

Special Lab Projects/Internships

S.No Roll No of the Student Name of the Student Project Title Contest / Cpmpany
1 15211A0446 D Rohith Sai Simple sensing mechanism & control doors L&T Techgium Contest
2 15211A04E8 O.Srija Face Recognition system Doing Internship at Lenovatte solutions

Level 1

Batch No Roll No of the Student Name of the Student Project Title
Batch 1 15211A0451, 15211A04C8, 15211A04G5, 15211A04G6 Sai Varma, M Sukumar, Achyuth Varma, Sravan Varma Automatic High Beam Controller
Batch 2 15211A04C1, 15211A04C2, 15211A04F0, 15211A04H9 Krishna Chaitanya, M Neeharika, P Vamsi Krishna, R Sai Charan Reddy Knock Based Security System
Batch 3 15211A04L4, 15211A04P8, 16215A0437, 16215A0445 D Sourabh, Y V Arjun Reddy, S Kiran, U Sai Kumar Traffic Density Control System
Batch 4 15211A04F7, 15211A04F1, 15211A04E3 P Satish Reddy, P Phani Teja, N Gangadhar Metal Detecting Lawn Mower using Solar Panel
Batch 5 15211a0495, 15211a04B7, 15211A04B5, 15211A04A2 K Digvijay, M J V Sairam, M Rohith, L Chandu Jadav Spy Robot
Batch 6 15211A0425, 15211A0435, 15211A0416, 15211A0446 B Varun, B Prashanth, B Shashank Reddy, D Rohith Sai Yoga Bot
Batch 7 15211A0454, 15211A0458, 16215A0411, 16215A0412 D Sanjay, E Yashwanth Goud, B Vamshi Krishna, Ch Bhanuchander Reddy Home Automation
Batch 8 15211A04H7 R Sai Krishana Accident Identification and sending an alert to owner
Batch 10 15211A0419, 15211A0413, 15211A0414, 15211A0452 B Sai Kiran, A Sai Kiran, B Chandu, D Harsha Automatic Gas Detector and Booking
Batch 11 15211A04E8, 15211A0441, 15211A04D6 O.Srija, C.Vinusha, M.Pallavi Height Detector
Batch 12 15211A04K7 SK Sajida Dawoodbee Home Automation of Wi Fi modules
Batch 13 16215A0406, 16215A0404 Shaik Azaruddin, E Vijay Voice Controlled Robot

Level 4

Batch No Roll No of the Student Name of the Student Project Title
Batch 1 14211A0407, 14211A0410, 14211A0409, 14211A0404 K.Snapika, P.Akhil Reddy, Ch.N.S.D Mythra Varun, B.Sushmitha Bi Cycle Simulator
Batch 2 14211A0425, 14211A0422, 14211A0413, 14211A0452 Obulareddy Vamshi, Anuraag Kaushik, Akshay Kumar, Surya Kiran SMART BAND
Batch 3 14211A0471, 14211A0468, 14211A04A7, 14211A0419, 14211A0460, 14211A0442, 14211A0411, 14211A0441 Nikhil Chandra M, Narsimha Reddy L, Krishnadhar A, Anvesh Ch, Vivek Chandra M, Thejasvi N L, Raghuveer P, Arun Kumar Multi-Purpose Mobile Robot
Batch 4 14211A0405, 14211A0416, 14211A0424, 14211A0439 K. Navya, B. Pavan Kumar, G. Hema Mounika, B. Vineeth SMART STAIR CASE


Intel® India Embedded Challenge 2014
project: "Robo Sketcher" done by P. Mrudula, P. Ramyakanthi and E. Ramadevi of IV B.Tech-ECE of 2011 batch has been selected for grand finals
ELAN-2013 Conducted by IIT-Hyderabad on 19-01-13
Project : Kinect gesture capture & teleoperation based robot command control by Farhan Mohammad , S.Kishore Reddy, P.Varun grabbed I-PRIZE
Project :Brain Controlled wheel chair by Dixith Kumar, Chandrakanth,Abhilash grabbed II-PRIZE
Engineering Students Innovation Challenge(ESIC)
Project : Kinect based gesture capture by R.DEEPIKA, K.PRATHYUSHA (Participated)
Project : Aircraft industry co worker by V.MADHAVA SARMA, G.ROHITH REDDY, P.SANTOSH REDDY, P.SAI VAMSI,P SAI KRISHNA, Madhurika grabbed I-PRIZE
Project : Wireless power transmission by madhav sharma grabbed First Prize
Project : Digital video broadcasting by Rohith Reddy grabbed First Prize
Conference Paper : Virtual navigation using kinect by madhav sharma got selected