Randy Pausch Robotics Engineering Center

Randy Pausch Robotics Engineering Center was established in the year 2012in B.V.Raju Institute of Technology, Narsapur. With the inspiration of Prof. Randy Pausch's, we at RP-REC want the dreams to come true and drive innovation to its highest peak. We’re on a mission to bring the best minds to work on creating the best products of technology and robots. With an insatiable quest for excellence, we wanted to bring robotics and students closer than ever before. Being the prolific personality that he is, Sri KV Vishnu Raju Garu is the driving force behind this lab the idea of which took birth in one of his casual discussions with the students. Sometimes, just engineering is not enough you need Imagineering to widen the frontiers of research, and we believe robotics is the right place for it. The online class work of Robotics training started on 10th February 2012.Every Friday and Saturday online classes and lab work will be conducted.


To orient the students towards the state of the art technology in robotics and to expose them to research in academia and to inculcate the idea of not seeing Robotics as a separate field of study from computer science, mathematics, arts and psychology.

The semester long journey at RP-REC will guide you through the fascinating field of robotics by strengthening your fundamentals and thereby assisting you to choose the robots that you want to build. We're trying to elevate this to a global level by using a set of novel teaching techniques. All the robo-enthusiasts, it's your time to shine. Get your hands dirty. After 50,000 years of evolution of mankind, it's time to change the world again, one robot at a time.

The following are resource persons participated in the program from different places in USA

  • Mr.Sasidhar Tadanki (Senior Research Scientist, Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Sciences, Nashville, USA)
  • Mrs.Pavanasirisha Kallakuri (PhD Student, Control Engineering, Tennessee State University, Nashville, USA)
  • Mr.Nagasrikanth Kallakuri (PhD Student, Robotics Engineering, Carnegie melon  University,  USA)
  • Mr.Karthik Puvvada (Masters Student, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA)

Physical Resources

Major Hardware & Software

6 HP Computers, 5 Micro Sticks, 2 Web cameras, 10 Arduino Uno Kits, 5 Arduino Shields, 8 Raspberry Pi Boards, 2 Ms Kinect Sensors, 2 Humanoid Robots

Lab Structure:

The lab structure has three phases -

Phase 1: Training (4 months)

  • Weekly classes
  • Weekly assignments
  • Presentations, talks, seminars


Phase 2: Projects (5-6 months)

  • Dividing the batch into teams of 3-4
  • Project selection
  • Mentor allocation for each group
  • Monthly review meetings
  • Seminars and talks
  • Project specific doubt clarification sessions

 Phase 3: Research Paper Publications

Activities in RPREC:

Training activities conducted for students during in RPREC Lab from July 2013 to till date

S. No.


Activity Conducted



29th June 2013

The training classes for II Batch students in RPREC started on 29th June 2013 in Vishnu Innovation Labs. Out of 26 selected students 19 students turned out. In addition to that 14 students who were not attended for entrance test also attended the first class. Mr.Srikanth Kallakuri explained the importance of Robotics and how the sessions are planned. Mr.Karthik Puvvada and his friend Mr.Lohith who is doing his MS in Georgia Tech university also participated in the session through Google plus. Students interacted with Srikanth and Karthik and the entire session went well. Mr.Srikanth Kallakuri gave an assignment to the students on Rube Goldberg Machine

Mr.Srikanth Kallakuri

Mr.Karthik Puvvada

Mr.K Prabhakara Rao

Mr.B.Anil Kumar

Mr.Bharath Kumar

Mr.Mudassar Basha


15th July 2013

 32 students have attended the session. All the students are from ECE Department (III Year). Mr.Srikanth Kallakuri explained the “Basics of Electronics” and he explained about Resistor, Transistor and Simple circuits through Google plus.Mr Srikanth gave Assignment to the Students and students assured him that they will submit assignments by 24th July 2013.The assignment was "Writing a C Language Program which shutdowns the computer automatically”. After completing the session some of students Interacted with Mr Srikanth regarding some projects

Mr.Srikanth Kallakuri

Mr.K Prabhakara Rao

Mr.B.Anil Kumar

Mr.Bharath Kumar

Mr.Mudassar Basha



Project title




P.Mrudula, E.Ramadevi, P.Ramya, N.Saketh Sai


PPT Control using gestures

D.Sharath, S.Shyam Sai, Srinath., Srikar


ARITHOT: Eye-ball tracking

N.Niharika, A.Nagabhavani, S.Mounika Reddy


Tracking and shooting Robot

M.V.S.Manikanta, Ch.Vamsi, M.Vivek, K.Vinay Kumar Reddy


Autonomous mobile robot

M.Srikar, M.Venkata Akhil Reddy, K.Santosh Reddy, G.Trivikram, A.Sneha


Wall climber

N.Sunandan, Ch.Venkatesh, K.Shiva Kumar,


Object Detection

K. Sai Praveen, T.Vijaya Pavani, K.Veena Manasa,


Virtual Presence

Vinay Varma, S.M.Subhani, K.Naveen, T.Maheswari, V.Srija


Human Robot Interaction

K. Raga Prathyusha, B. Gayathri Mayukha, K. Ashwin

N. Rohith



International Conferences

A research paper titled “Tele operation of robots using gestures” was presented in 7th Asia International Conference on Mathematical Modeling & Computer Simulation held at Hong Kong on 23rd July 2013 and published in IEEE Xplore digital library,S.Kishore Reddy,  Md.Farhan, P.Varun, INSPEC accession number:13900345, DOI: 10.1109/ams.2013.15

A research paper “real-time gesture recognition and robot control through blob tracking”  was presented in IEEE students conference in electrical electronics and computer science (SEECS), on 1st and 2nd march 2014 at Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), Bhopal and published in IEEEXplore digital library, by Prathyusha,Deepika, DOI:10.1109/sceecs.2014.6804526

A research paper titled “Creating virtual environments using KINECT mapping” was presented in IETE national symposium on “speech, video, image processing & applications” on 29-30 march 2014 IETE branch, by K.Prathyusha,R.Deepika Hyderabad

Project Showcases

  • RPREC students bagged the FIRST prize for the project “Tele-operation of Robot using Gestures”  in the prestigious ”ELAN-2013" conducted by IIT Hyderabad on 19th January 2013
  • IV B tech ECE student has demonstrated the project “immersion in virtual environments” in CII-IPEX 2013 which was held in Taj krishna on 26th July 2013 . Lots of appreciations came for this project
  • A project titled “Robo Sketcher" has been selected for grand finals of “Intel” India Embedded Challenge 2014".
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