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Club In'QUIZitive is an initiative that aids BVRIT students in enhancing their General Awareness and Communication Skills. The main objective is not only to help students preparing for CAT, GMAT, GRE, HR rounds in Placements, etc but also for their all round development.

Faculty Lead, Club InQuizitive:
A.L.Kishore, Associate Professor, BVRITN, 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 9866741971

The World Around Us

The World this Week is an another initiative where in our team presents a news bulletin every fortnight to apprise of the events in the fields of Economy, Science & Technology, Sports, International and national news that made headlines in that particular period.

Student Leads:
Mr Affan 2 EEE – 9515586001
Charishmini 2 CSE - 8639040241

English Readers' Club (ERC)

To inculcate the habit of reading English among the students that could enhance their English Language Skills. This club will create an air where in students regularly get habituated to read some good English Novels (both fiction and non-fiction) / magazines, etc. It stocks some of the bestselling books.

Student Leads:
Mr Sai Kiran 2 CSE – 7981962175
Mr Shiva 2 CHE - 9492399576

In'QUIZ'itive Club

Club conducts unique General Knowledge Quiz Competitions for the entire college during the National Tech Fests, Annual Day Competitions, Hostel Day Celebrations, etc. This is a monthly event for Hostellers.

Student Leads:
Ms Pratibha 2 CSE - 9182471288
Mr Srinivas 2 CSE  - 8498933666

Campus to Company

In this initiative the campus selection process is replicated in the form of a competition. The event is conducted twice a year. This consists of a Screening test, Group Discussion round & a HR round.


Screening Test

A set of questions or exercises for evaluating skill or knowledge in General Knowledge, Aptitude, Reasoning, C-Language & English

Group discussion

Those students who qualify the screening test will be selected for this round. Some of the traits that are tested in this case are ability to work in teams, leadership, out of the box thinking, articulation, flexibility, listening skills, initiative, etc

HR Round

Faculty Lead: A.L.Kishore, Associate Professor - 9866741971

Impulse - GD and Debating Club

To improve interactive skills of the students such that they know how one has to behave, participate and contribute in a group, how much importance one has to give to the group objective as well as your own, how well one has to listen to viewpoints of others and be open-minded in accepting views contrary to your own.

Faculty Lead: A.L.Kishore, Associate Professor - 9866741971
Student Lead – Ms Kavya 2 EEE