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  1. Dr. H. Sujana, Mr. M. Prem Kumar, Mr. K. Kumar, Mr. J. Manikyam Partnered and participated in “Telangana Assistive Technology Exhibition 2020” organized by TSIC on 3rd Dec. 2020
  2. Dr. H. Sujana, Mr. K. Kumar, Mr. J. Manikyam  along with II, III  BME Students attended BIOASIA-2020 -International Summit at HICC, Hyderabad on 18th& 19th February, 2020.
  3. A National level Technical fest PROMETHEAN has been organized by the department on 30th  & 31st  December 2019. 
  4. Mr.V Sripathi Raja, Mrs A. Srilatha Reddy along with IV Year BME Students Visited Andhra Medtech Zone(AMTZ),a Medical Devices SEZ in Vizag on 19th to 21st DEC 2019
  5. Mr.V. Sripathi Raja, Mrs P Manju Bhargavi along with III Year BME Students Visted Vishnu Dental College,Bhimavaram,W.G on 16th to 19th Sep 2019
  6. Dr. H. Sujana, Mr. M. Prem Kumar, Mrs. A. Srilatha Reddy and Ms. P. Manju Bhargavi along with II, III and IV BME Students attended INDIA MEDEXPO-International Exhibition at HITEX, Hyderabad on 8th December, 2017.