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Faculty Coordinator
Dr. M. Sandeep Kumar
Associate Professor
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  • Ultrasonic Generator to produced high-Frequency Electrical Energy operating at a frequency of 20KHZ and Ultrasonic Power of 120W
  • S.S. Velocity Horn fitted with PZT Crystals (Transducer Elements).

The Velocity Horn assembly converts the electrical high-frequency energy fed from the Ultrasonic generator to mechanical vibrations at the rate of applied electrical frequency. The amplitude of these mechanical vibrations is magnified by this Velocity Horn. This Velocity Horn is used for the processing application.

Make Leela Electronics
Model 750UPP
In Put Power Supply 230 V AC
Ultrasonic Power 750 W
Horn Dia 10 mm- 25 mm
Timer 0-20 min
Probes 10 & 25 mm



Features of Ultrasonic Probe Processor :

  • Low transducer losses permit maximum cleaning action
  • Modular generator for easier modification / Servicing
  • Rugged and easy to clean stainless steel housing
  • Extensively protected electronics circuits for longer and safe operation
  • Frequency 22 + 3 KHz.
  • Input voltage range of 170AC-270 AC.50 Hz



This CNC mister oves from machine to machine without production delays. Hand-carry this versatile lubricator from one scheduled cutting or machining equipment to the next. A heavy-duty magnet lets you install it with minimal downtime.

Oil mist lubrication system roduces a continuous output of precisely metered lubricants. Air-driven, positive-displacement pumps precisely meter each drop of lubricant at .03 cc/stroke. The 100-million cycle pulse generator allows for automatic, infinite repeat cycling of the metering pump. This ensures that a continuous, external film of lubricant is applied to the tool-work interface.

Lets operator easily control atomization of the spray by adjusting air, pulse per minute and liquid metering.

Adjusts output from 4-200 injection cycles per minute with 0.1 to 3.0 drops of lubricant per cycle. A durable, vented 16 oz. reservoir on the CNC mister holds more than 14,400 drops of lubricant.

Dispenses any highly refined lubricant including Unist’s high-efficiency Coolube® from the oil mist lubrication system's durable, 16 oz. (0.5 L) vented reservoir.

The CNC mister combines lubricant and air in the patented Co-Axial Nozzle tip. The oil mist lubrication system keeps atomization and distribution of the liquid consistent regardless of the hose length. Plastic 12 in. nozzle is coupled with 5 ft. Co-Axial hose. A heavy-duty magnetic base at the hose/nozzle connection of the oil mist lubrication system makes it easier to relocate and position the nozzle at the friction points.


Model Coollubricator JR
  Fluid adjustment 
Air adjustment 
Built-in manual on/off valve
Portable, 5’ hose, 12” plastic nozzle
Reliable, .03 cc/stroke Unist pump
Proven, 100 million cycle pulse generator Tough, vented 16 oz (.5 L) reservoir 
Heavy-duty magnetic base



Make Cassia Siamia Technologies
Capacity 100 ltrs
Inner chamber dimension 50 cms (L) * 50 cms (W) * 40 cms (H)
Interior Stainless Steel Finish
Grade SS304
Exterior Galvanized Iron with Powder Coated



Make Cassia Siamia Technologies
Size 15 * 15 * 30 cms 
M.O.C GI Powder Coated





Specifications of magnetic stirrer:

Make RemiElektrotechnik Limited
Speed Control Range 15 to 1500 RPM
Max. Stirring Volume (water) 800ml
Stir Bar Length 25mm
Working Surface Material Stainless Steel
Temperature Range 5 - 40
Voltage [V] 220 - 240

Standard Features:

  • PMDC(Permanent Magnet DC) motor for higher torque even at low speeds
  • Better speed regulation even with small volume and low speeds
  • Accurate step less speed control maintains excellent speed stability.
  • Digital Speed Indicator for displaying of stirring speed
  • Totally enclosed unit
  • Designed for use even in corrosive atmosphere




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2018 - 2019

Title: Design and analysis of hydraulic impeller using polymer Nanocomposite

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
15211A0323 D Mounika  Mr. Vijay Kiran
15211A0302 Ch. Yaswanth Ram
15211A0343 K Divyasri

Title: Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Micro Channel Heat Sink Using Hybrid Al2O3 Water Nanofluid and PCM Suspension for Cooling Of Micro Electronic Devices

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
15211A03B4 V Santosh Varma  Dr. V. Murali Krishna 
15211A03B7 Y Uday Kumar
15211A03A8 T Murali Krishna

Title: Machining studies on AISI 1018 using nanofluids with various combinations of CuO- Al2O3 particles and comparing it with different lubricating conditions

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
15211A0389 Perka Sai Sumiran Mr. T Mahesh
15211A0373 Nandala Akhil Teja
15211A0374 Neeradi Ajay Kumar

2017 - 2018

TitleThermal Energy Storage Using hybrid Nano Phase Change Materials

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
14211A0377 Akula Vamshidhar Dr. M Sandeep Kumar
14211A0382 Kota Nandini
13211A0371 Sai Sindesh

Title:Thermal Energy Storage Using Hybrid Nano Phase Change Materials

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
14211A0320 T Soumya Dr. M Sandeep Kumar
14211A0319 G Vandhana
13211A0358 S Sai Kumar

Title:Experimental Investigation On Performance Of Hybrid Pcms On Addition Of Nano In Thermal Energy Storage: Heat Exchanger

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
14211A0374 Jaggayyagari Ravali Dr. M Sandeep Kumar  
14211A0370 G. Sri Lalitha Chidrupi
13211A0381 Kudurla Akhila

Title:Performance analysis of domestic refrigerator using nano refrigerant

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
14211A0309 T Indra karan Mr. Koppala Rama Siva Reddy
14211A0335 Marri Manasa
14211A0356 K Karthik

Title:Modeling and FD analysis of an automobile radiator by using Hybrid Nanofluids

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
14211A0305 Naveen Reddy Dr. V Murali Krishna
14211A0323 U Sravan Kumar
14211A0353 N Nithin Kumar

Title:Heat Transfer enhancement in micro channels using nanofluids for cooling of electronic equipment

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
14211A0376 M Rohita Sai Dr. V Murali Krishna
14211A03A7 G Vinay Kumar
14211A03A8 K Akhilesh

Title:Theoretical study on enhancement of heat transfer by using Al2O3-H2O and CuO- H2O Nano fluids in a concentric tube heat exchanger

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
14211A0334 S Prasoon Dr. V Murali Krishna
14211A0341 Nelige Harish
15211A0307 E. Manikanth

Title:Testing the fatigue behavior of hybrid polymer nanocomposite

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
14211A0310 K sadvini Reddy Mr. B. Vijay Kiran
14211A0330 K Suresh
14211A0336 B Naveena

Title:Testing the tensile flexure and hardness properties on silica core shell rubber nanoparticles in E-Glass fibre reinforced polymer composites

Roll No Name of the student Name of the Guide
14211A0380 V Soumya Mr. B. Vijay Kiran
14211A0383 M Mallikarjunayya
14401A0314 B Sushma


Title:Enhancement of heat transfer using Al2O3 and CuO hybrid nanofluid in a concentric heat exchanger

Roll No Name of the Student Name of the Guide
13211A0395 Sneha B Dr. V. Murali Krishna
14215A0316 Rangagouni Vishnu Goud
14215A0319 Rupavath Shankar

Title:Experimental investigation of influence of hybrid nanofluids (Cuo-ZnO) as cutting fluids in turning of AISI 1018

Roll No Name of the Student Name of the Guide
13211A0396 Sowjanya M Mr. M. Sandeep Kumar
13211A03A2 Srikanth Reddy
13211A03B7 Vijaya Laxmi Pujari

Title:Machining studies on AISI 1018 using nanofluids with various combinations of CuO- Al2O3 particles and comparing it with different lubricating conditions

Roll No Name of the Student Name of the Guide
13211A0388 Shaik Jan Saida Mr. M. Sandeep Kumar
13211A0399 Sri Lakshmi
13211A03A8 Surya Teja Verma I

Title:Fabrication and testing of Graphene-oxide nano particles in E-glass fiber reinforced polymer composites

Roll No Name of the Student Name of the Guide
13211A0305 Akhil Kumar A Mr. B. Vijay Kiran
13211A0351 Pranay Kumar kattela
13211A0303 N Ajay Kumar

Title:Fracture and fatigue behavior of epoxy-TiO2 Nano composites reinforced with E-glass

Roll No Name of the Student Name of the Guide
13211A0340 Nagamohan Kalyanam Mr. B. Vijay Kiran
14215A0311 Pyata Shiva Kumar
14215A0312 Bandugu Vamshi

Title:Effect of Aluminum oxide Nano particles on Hemp fiber composites

Roll No Name of the Student Name of the Guide
13211A0306 Amul sargoad Mr. Koppala Rama Siva Reddy
13211A0308 Arun kumar
13211A0341 Narendar Pilli


Title:Enhancement of Convective Heat Transfer with Fiber Nanofluid in a concentric tube heat exchanger

Roll No Name of the Student Name of the Guide
12211A0329 Kanaka Maha laxmi P R Dr. V. Murali Krishna
12211A0302 Aditya Dutt Avaru
12211A0347 Pallavi Palle
12211A0304 Akhila Podupati


Title:Preparation of CuO and Al2O3 nanoparticles and heat transfer enchancement by using CuO and Al2O3 nanofluids in a concentric tube heat exchanger

Roll No Name of the Student Name of the Guide
11211A0357 Vineeth kumar Gungi Dr. V. Murali Krishna
11211A0318 Kalyan kumar
11211A0337 Saikiran M

Title:Preparation of ZnO and Fe2O3 nanoparticles and heat transfer enchancement by using ZnO and Fe2O3 nanofluids in a concentric tube heat exchanger

Roll No Name of the Student Name of the Guide
11211A0319 Krishna Novle Dr. V. Murali Krishna
11211A0353 Varun Teja Adepu
11211A0310 Keruba Ramesh