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BVRIT has rewritten the history @ IBM TGMC 2012


BVRIT created a record for winning maximum awards - a total of SIX in a single year of TGMC competition by IBM

TGMC 2012 FELICITATION @ IBM Innovation Center, Bangalore

BVRIT received the following awards at IBM TGMC 2012 Felicitation ceremony at  Bengaluru on 8th November, 2013


    Top Girls Team award – For the highest marks in the total competitions among all girls teams.
    2 Top 15 Teams awards – For the best performances across the competition among more than 1500 Teams participating in TGMC across India.
    One of the Top 30 Engineering Colleges in India awards – For the outstanding performance in students’ technical development, based on IBM parameters.
    2 Drona awards – For the project guides for the best performing teams.

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