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COVID-19 Update: Get the latest information and updates regarding BVRIT response to COVID-19. More information here

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Welcome to BVRITN


COVID-19 Helpline and Academic Initiatives for students

Classwork is suspended till 3rd May 2020 due to Covid-19 Lockdown. Latest updates will be posted here time to time. Visit this page for latest information about Classwork and Academic Activities being held during lockdown due to Covid-19.

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Helpline details of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of INDIA

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Greetings to all my students and faculty!

In these uncertain times of a lockdown I wish you and family keep safe and well! We at Sri Vishnu family take pride in your wellbeing and purpose as a learner and teacher.

The Principals, Department Heads and faculty have undertaken a lot of measures in ensuring a continuing learning environment is made available to our students. Each institution has devised their own online learning strategy using tools like Zoom, Google Hangout, Google Classroom, Skype, WhatsApp, YouTube, email, eLab, Nasscom Future Skills, and many other tools to enable you to become digitally connected. The content and assignments have been meticulously designed by our expert faculty with the intention that SVES students should not feel, unattended to, during this time of isolation and social distancing.

Chairman of SVES has personally sent out many interesting links to the “Teaching Professor”, Teaching in Troubling Times and A memo to students on punching through the pandemic to help both faculty and students engage online in a meaningful way.

Our alumni is a biggest source of strength and I urge the faculty who are personally connected with the alumni to reach out and bring their perspective on how students should be better prepared for their future. Your participation in various hackathon events, online competitions that are broadcasted through your departments from time to time, and presenting your ideas online for hardware projects in mechanical, Electronics, Robotics, and Civil on such forums like, and such other unconventional engagements online, will certainly help you be differentiated and smart at the workplace. Certifications for your skills are important for companies to look at your profile differently. Using this time wisely and doing micro credits online with “Coursera for campus”, where SVES has a formaltie-up, is important. The topuniversities offer courses in Python, Data Analytics, AI & ML, and Cyber Security and allow you to be certified. Companies will recognize these efforts at the time of hiring, and make SVES students stand taller!

Wish you and family to continue to be safe and happy! Together we will punch through this pandemic. 

Ravichandran Rajagopal
Vice Chairman
Sri Vishnu Educational Society

Dear students,

I wish to convey my greetings to your parents and I am sure you and your family members are doing well.

There are things that are uncertain like when will COVID 19 disappear, economic recovery happens, Colleges will reopen, etc. But there are some things that are very certain vizfamilies with stronger bonds, Cities with lesser pollution, More students adopting online learning, etc and we at BVRIT are leaving no stone unturned to keep you engaged in continuous quality learning that will not only help you better prepared for a bright and challenging future.

In order to continue the process of learning, we have undertaken a wide number of measures in ensuring you all an online learning environment during this lockdown period. The faculty members of each and every Department are making use of modern ICT tools like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Classroom, Edmodo, ELab, WhatsApp, Kaizala and Microsoft Teams etc. to connect to you virtually.The Video lectures, Subject material, Assignments, Project Reviews and Quizzes have been perfectly designed by our faculty members with the purpose that you do not miss the classroom environment during this time of isolation. Furthermore, Principal office sent you the mails regarding courses that you could take up and placement team has been in touch with you for your career development.

Branch-wise, Year-wise, Subject-wise, Faculty-wise and Date-wise detailed schedule of online learning is communicated to you all and the same is available on our College website

Many online learning Websites and Universities like Coursera, Edx,,, Microsoft virtual academy, ATAL Academy, SWAYAM, NPTEL MOOCs, Alison Education Management, TSAT Nipuna, IIITs, NITs, IITs, Harvard University etc. are offering various online Certification courses on trending multi-disciplinary technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, IoT, Cyber Security, Blockchain Technology, Quantum Computing, Robotics, 3D printing, AR/VR Technology, Automation, Design and Visualization, MATLAB and many other domain specific, generic arts & science courses etc., at free of cost. You are expected to enroll yourselves in as many courses as you can and complete the certifications successfully to gain expertise during this lockdown time. Online Certifications are very important for you to build your profile stronger and get attracted by Companies at the time of employment

This is the time to focus on your dreams, be it higher studies, entrepreneurship or employment, and dedicate ample time in making your dreams come true. Have a mindset to innovation and participate in Hackathon and coding competitions to strengthen your skills. 

Get to know of what is happening around the world especially renowned universities and progressive companies by exploring their websites, reading reviews, reports etc., regularly, which in turn helps you to develop a better perspective and plan wisely for your bright future.

It’s also a right time to develop or sustain an indoors hobby— like reading, drawing, Blogging, playing music, calligraphy, meditation, etc. Pick and choose a couple of favorites and set aside an hour or two in the day to recreate and rebuild your hobby. Developing unrelated skills engages your mind and keeps you sharpand ready for a return to the professional world.

Also, keeping up regular, daily physical exercise at a time when much of the world has gone into isolation will play an important role in helping to maintain a healthy immune system.To give the body its best chance at fighting off infections, you need to pay attention to the amount of sleep you get and maintain a healthy diet.

Inculcating the habit of Reading will go a long way to develop your own imagination, lifting your spirits and providing you with an abundance of knowledge. Studies show that reading good books makes a big difference to student’s academic performance.So sparing at least an hour a day to read a book can inform you, enlighten you and lead you in the right direction.

Once again, I urge you to utilize the time properly and be ready for the examinations at any point of time during next month. Be in touch with your course faculty, counselors, class teachers, Heads of the departments regularly and follow the instructions shared from time to time. 

Collectively we want to put our best foot forward to do our bit during these testing times. I hope the teaching learning practices followed by us are serving the purpose and appreciate your feedback in improving the Teaching Learning practices. Let’s make things better.

Stay home and be safe.

Best Wishes
Prof. K. Lakshmi Prasad

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