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Welcome to BVRITN

Center for Robotics

Robotics Center for Enhanced Learning

Faculty Coordinator : Dr. K.PrabhakarRao

Faculty Members : Mr. B.Anil Kumar, Mrs. Anupama, Ms.P.Sravani, Mr. P. Rajesh

Robotics Lab is a community of students who derive pleasure in creating Electro-mechanical peers that may even be potent to work without human intervention.
Each member of this family is provided electronic ,mechanical, production and informatory aid besides the indispensable guidance of experienced members.
We support and foster interest in various aspects related to Emerging Robotics Trends and we cater to the interests of hobbyists and beginners in robotics
In the last decade Robotics has stepped out from industrial applications into human society as helpers, rehabilitation devices, welfare supervisors, and entertainment aids.
Out of all these applications, human assistive robots are likely to play a major role in improving the lives of persons with disability due to old age, disease or injury.
Furthermore, assistive robotics is highly multi-disciplinary and involves many different research fields. The main objective of Robotics Lab is to develop specialized man-power through rigorous basic and experimental research in major aspects of assistive robotics that includes rehabilitation robots, wheelchair robots and other mobility aides, and manipulator arms for the physically disabled. Simultaneously the learning initiates a novel method of interactions between JAY ROBOTIX and BVRIT through synchronous e-learning, tele-robotics and exchange visits, it has a bold vision such as a student from an ill-equipped lab can perform remote experiments on a costly physical set-up in another laboratory.

Major Hardware / Software

S.No Major Hardware / Software
1 Arduino UNOn-R3 with USB Enable
2 Raspberry PI Kit-Model B+
3 Single Board Computer (SBC)-Raspberry PI 512 Model Assembled Board
4 Docile X Mobile Robots
5 ASUS Xtion Pro (Depth Cameras)
6 Arduino UNO Controllers
7 Arduino Motor Shields

Jayrobotix Course

'Robotics Center of Excellence' in Collaboration with Jayrobotix is started in BVRIT-N campus in the year 2015 with an objective to provide 'Hands on training on Industry related skills using robots and related technologies' through a well defined structured Six-semester course modules on Robotics with necessary Laboratory infrastructure.

Training Modules

Level 1

Semester Module & Contents Outcome
4th Semester (2-2) Basic Electronic and Mechanical Concepts, Sensors and Interface circuits, Motors & Motor drives, Circuit designing, PCB designing & manufacturing, Soldering techniques, Programming 8051, inbuilt 8051 Peripherals, Communication Protocols, Group Projects Circuit designing skills, Logical Thinking Programming skills, Problem solving Skills and Project Development skills

Level 2

Semester Module & Contents Outcome
5th Semester (3-1) Raspberry Pi , Arduino and PYTHON programming, web server, HTML Tags, DBMS tools, Web cam streaming, Group project Programming Skills(Programming Raspberry Pi in Python), Logical thinking (Writing Program), Problem solving skills (Debugging the code) and Project development skills (Everything hands on).

Level 3

Semester Module & Contents Outcome
6th Semester (3-2) Digital image processing concepts, Introduction to Android, Open-CV, Serial communication in Android, Mini Project Programming skills(Programming using Android), Logical thinking (Writing Program), Problem solving skills (Debugging the code) and Project development skills (Everything hands on)

Level 4

Semester Module & Contents Outcome
7th Semester (4-1) Major Project Complete product development life cycle according to industrial norms.


              RECL 4                       RECL 3



Workshops Conducted (In house)

S.No Details of Resource Persons Date of Workshop Academic Year No. of Students Benefited
1 Mrs P.Sravani, Asst. Professor, Mr.P.Rajesh, Asst. Professor 22-06-2019 2019-20 20
2 Mrs.B.Anupama, Asst. Professor 04-01-2019 2018-19 37
3 Mrs P.Sravani, Asst. Professor, Mr.P.Rajesh, Asst. Professor 01-02-2019 2018-19 34
4 Mr.P.Rajesh, Asst.Professor 29-12-2017 2017-18 26
5 Mrs P.Sravani, Asst. Professor, Mrs. B.Anupama, Asst. Professor 28-01-2017 2016-17 20
6 Basics and Applications of LabVIEW VI solutions Bangalore 24th -27th Jan-2018 2017-18 33

Workshops Conducted (By Industry)

S.No Details of Resource Persons Date of Workshop Academic Year No. of Students Benefited
1 Mr. Venu and Mr.Ranjith Reddy Jay Robotics Pvt. Ltd 07-01-2019 To 11-01-2019 2018-2019                      40  
2 Mr Sudheer Kumar, Sr. Staff Manager, Qualcomm 30-03-2019 2018-19 53


               RECL 1            RECL 2       RECL 5


Contests/Hackthons Participated by Students (2019-20)

S.No Name of the contest Organizing Institute Name of the Student Participated/ Awarded Date of Event
1 Connaisance Technical Fest (Line follower robot) JNTUH Jadavath Varthya Ashwini Participated 13th March 2020
2 Connaisance Technical Fest (Line follower robot) JNTUH Shivani Participated 13th March 2020
3 Connaisance Technical Fest (Line follower robot) JNTUH Pooja Participated 13th March 2020
4 TELANGANA INNOVATION YATRA BVRIT N Jyothsna Participated March 2020
5 Android Work Shop BITS-Hyd Vishnu Vardhan Participated 22 January 2020
6 SMART INDIA HACKATHON JNTUH Joel Manikyam Participated 16th January 2020
7 Dare to Compete JNTUH Joel Manikyam Participated 14th Nov 2019
8 E_YANTRA -ROBOTICS IIT Bombay S.Satya Participated 29th Oct 2019

Contests/Hackthons Participated by Students (2018-19)

S.No Name of the contest Organizing Institute Name of the Student Participated/ Awarded Date of Event
1 Select-Make-a thon VIT Vellore Joel Manikyam Participated 27 March 2019
2 Select-Make-a thon VIT Vellore Abhishek Participated 27 March 2019
3 Select-Make-a thon VIT Vellore Raghuvaran Participated 27 March 2019
4 DRDO DRUSE DRDO ,Hyd Sreeja, Joel Participated 13 January 2019
5 DRDO DRUSE DRDO ,Hyd Sai Kiran, Raghavendra Participated 13 January 2019
6 DRDO DRUSE DRDO ,Hyd Anil Kumar, Rohith Participated 13 January 2019
7 DRDO DRUSE DRDO ,Hyd Vamsi, Sai Charan Participated 13 January 2019
8 L & T Techgium Contest L & T Rohith Sai Participated 9 December 2018
9 L & T Techgium Contest L & T Vamshi Krishna Participated 9 December 2018
10 L & T Techgium Contest L & T Sai Kiran Participated 9 December 2018
11 L & T Techgium Contest L & T Bhanu Chander Participated 9 December 2018
12 Smart India Hackathon BVRIT N Varun, Akhil, Sruthi Participated 18 December 2018
13 Robotcard, 3D Gaming BVRIT N Akhil Datta I Prize 7 October 2018
14 PROMEHEN 2K18 BVRIT N Akhil Datta Participated Oct 2018
15 NASA International Space Apps Challenge BVRIT N Joel Manikyam Participated 21 Sep 2018
16 NASA International Space Apps Challenge BVRIT N Abhishek Reddy Participated 21 Sep 2018

Contests/Hackthons Participated by Students (2016-17)

S.No Name of the contest Organizing Institute Name of the Student Participated/ Awarded Date of Event
1 TI-IDC contest TI-Bangalore Navya, Sushmitha, Manasa, Hema Mounika Participated 6 Oct 2017
2 TI-IDC contest TI-Bangalore Saicharan , Vamsi, Ravali Tejasvi Participated 6 Oct 2017
3 TI-IDC contest TI-Bangalore Anurag, Arun, Akshay, Varun Participated 6 Oct 2017
4 E-yantra 2016 IIT Bombay Madhav Sharma Participated 4 May 2017
5 HACK Labs-2016 Hyderabad Goutham , Tharun, Gangaram, Nikshith Participated 22 Jan 2017
6 Infothsav ABV-IIM-Gwalior Navya, Sushmitha Participated 12-13 Nov 2016
7 High on data Hackathon 2016 Bangalore Santhosh Reddy Participated 15-16 Oct 2016
8 IETE Students forum BVRITN Sravan Sandhya Participated Sep 2016
9 IETE Students forum BVRITN Sowmya Participated Sep 2016
10 IETE Students forum BVRITN Kiranmai Participated Sep 2016
11 Hackathon 2016 Hive Minds Innovative Market Solutions Pvt. Ltd Navya Participated 16-17 Sep 2016
12 Robots Got Talent Online Competition Madhav Sharma Participated 30 Sep 2016
13 Mobile Robots-Competition Pragati Maidan, Delhi Rohith Reddy Participated 17 July 2016
14 Robothon T-HUB , Hyderabad Santosh Reddy Awarded June 2016
15 Robothon T-HUB , Hyderabad Madhav Sharma Awarded June 2016
16 Robothon T-HUB , Hyderabad Rohith Reddy Awarded June 2016

Summer Internships

S.No Roll Number Name of the Student Company Academic Year
1 16211A0401 A.Vamshi DNEC-RCI 2019-20
2 16211A04J4 Sabiya Sultana BSNL
3 17211A0444 G.Vaishnavi NSIC
4 17211A0479 J.Shiva NSIC
6 17211A04L4 Sajida ECIL
7 16211A0412 B.Abhishek ECIL 2018-19
8 16211A04J1 B.Shiva Kumar BHEL
9 16211A04K0 Shivani Devada VERZEO
10 17215A0412 M.Joel ECIL
11 17211A0439 D.Vibha BHEL
12 16211A0422 J.Preethi BHEL 2017-18
13 16211A0467 Akshita Rohi BHEL
14 14211A0424 G.Hema Mounika BHEL 2016-17
15 15211A0419 B.Sai Kiran BHEL
16 15211A0435 B.Prashanth Kumar ECIL

Placements in 2019-20

S.No Roll Number Name of the Student Company Placed
1 16211A0401 A.Vamshi TCS-NINJA(NQT)
2 16211A0409 Anukruthi TCS-NINJA(NQT)
3 16211A0413 B Abhishek Redy CAPGEMINI
4 16211A0417 Kushal INFOSYS-PEGA
5 16211A0424 B.Akhil Datta CAPGEMINI
6 16211A0425 B.Kumar Raja Reddy TECHM-PEGA
7 16211A0427 B.Sai Sreeja CAPGEMINI
8 16211A0451 D.Karthikeswar Rao CAPGEMINI
9 16211A0494 Hima bindu CAPGEMINI
10 16211A04F1 Sree Drusya Mudunuri VALUE LABS
11 16211A04F5 P Naga Chaithanya CAPGEMINI
12 16211A04H3 Penmetcha Kamal VALUE LABS
13 16211A04H8 Andey Rajya Sri Keerthi Sathvika CAPGEMINI
14 16211A04J6 Sai Preethi Nadendla CAPGEMINI
15 16211A04J9 Samreen Shaikh CAPGEMINI
16 16211A04K0 Shivani Devda ACCENTURE-PEGA
17 16211A04K1 Singamsetty Sri Niharika INFOSYS-PEGA
18 16211A04K9 Swaroopa Shigli CAPGEMINI
19 16211A04L9 Kulkarni Sai Sanketh TCS-PEGA
20 16211A04M7 Sai Swetha.Thota TCS-NINJA(NQT)
21 16211A04N2 V Sai Charan CAPGEMINI
22 16211A04N6 Vegesna Prasanth Varma TCS-NINJA(NQT)
23 16211A04P6 V Jaya Surya HCL
24 16211a04Q0 Shalini Donthireddy CAPGEMINI
25 17215A0415 Guduri Manasa CAPGEMINI

Placements in 2018-19

S.No Roll Number Name of the Student Company Placed
1 15211A0419 B.Sai Kiran COGNIZANT
2 15211A0425 B.Varun TCS-NINJA
3 15211A0435 B.Prashanth Kumar TCS-NINJA
4 15211A0441 C.Vinusha CAPGEMINI
5 15211A0446 D.Rohith Sai TCS-NINJA
6 15211A0452 D Harsha ACCENTURE-PEGA
7 15211A0458 E Yashwanth Goud COGNIZANT
8 15211A04C2 M.Neeharika WIPRO
9 15211A04C8 M. Sukumar CPC Diagnostics Pvt Ltd
10 15211A04D6 M.Pallavi CAPGEMINI
11 15211A04E8 O.Srija CAPGEMINI
12 15211A04F0 P.Vamsi Krishna INCESSANT- PEGA
13 15211A04F1 P.Phani Teja JUST DIAL
14 15211A04F7 P Satheesh Reddy TCS-NINJA
15 15211A04G5 P.Achyuth Varma CAPGEMINI
16 15211A04G6 P.Sravan Kumar CAPGEMINI
17 15211A04H7 R.Sai Krishna CLOUDACE
18 15211A04H9 R.Sai Charan Reddy CAPGEMINI
19 16215A0411 B.Vamshi Krishna TCS-NINJA
20 16215A0412 Ch.Bhanu Chander Reddy CAPGEMINI

Placements in 2017-18

S.No Roll Number Name of the Student Company Placed
1 14211A0404 B.Sushmitha MODAK ANALYTICS
2 14211A0405 K .Navya CAPGEMINI
3 14211A0407 K.Sapnika CAPGEMINI
4 14211A0409 Ch.N.S.D. Mythra Varun INFOSYS (TASK)
6 14211A0411 P.Raghuveer TCS
7 14211A0413 B.Akshay Kumar CAPGEMINI
8 14211A0416 B.Pavan Kumar TCS
9 14211A0422 K.H.Anurag Kushik CAPGEMINI
10 14211A0424 G.Hemamounika TCS
11 14211A0425 Obula Reddy Vamshi NTT DATA
12 14211A0439 B.Vineeth CAPGEMINI
13 14211A0440 K.Praveen MPHASIS
14 14211A0441 Arun Kumar Singh BYTES
15 14211A0442 N .L.Tejasvi MODAK ANALYTICS
16 14211A0452 B.Surya Kiran CAPGEMINI
17 14211A0460 M.Vivek Chandra NTT DATA
18 14211A0468 L.Narsimha Reddy GGK TECHNOLOGIES
19 14211A0471 M.Nikhil Chandra Reddy CAPGEMINI
20 14211A04C1 B.Sruthi CAPGEMINI
21 14211A04F7 G.Kranhi Kumar JSPIDER
22 14211A04G2 Sai Madhav Reddy ELTECH PVT. LTD.

Placements in 2016-17

S.No Roll Number Name of the Student Company Placed
1 13211A0402 M.Abhilash Reddy TECHMAHINDRA
2 13211A0409 Ch.Akhil Varma CYIENT
3 13211A0413 T.Ananth Reddy UX REACTOR
4 13211A0424 K.B.V.P.Bhargav TECHMAHINDRA
5 13211A0425 V.Bhagath Kumar Reddy CAPGEMINI
6 13211A0427 G.Bharath Reddy CAPGEMINI
7 13211A0428 P.Bhargav Varma CAPGEMINI
8 13211A0441 M.Eshwar Sai TECHMAHINDRA
9 13211A0460 P.Likhith TCS
10 13211A0462 V.Madhava Sarma TECHMAHINDRA
11 13211A0463 K.Madhurika TECHMAHINDRA
12 13211A0470 Manju Sainath CAPGEMINI
13 13211A0475 K.Naga Bayapu Reddy HTC
14 13211A0479 Neha CAPGEMINI
15 13211A0492 V. Premchand ADEPT CHIPS
16 13211A0493 V.Rahul TECHMAHINDRA
17 13211A0497 Rakshit Jain TECHMAHINDRA
18 13211A0499 S R Deepika CAPGEMINI
19 13211A04A0 P Raviteja MODAK ANALYTICS
20 13211A04B0 S.V.Y.S.Samraj HTC
21 13211A04B2 P.Sai Vamsi CAPGEMINI
22 13211A04B5 R.V.K.Sandeep Reddy TECHMAHINDRA
23 13211A04B6 P.Santosh Reddy TECHMAHINDRA
24 13211A04B7 G.Santhosh Kumar CAPGEMINI
25 13211A04C7 Shiva Chadrasekhar TECHMAHINDRA
26 13211A04E1 K.Srikanth NTT DATA
27 13211A04H6 Vivek TECHMAHINDRA

Jay Robotics Certifications done by students

S.No Academic Year Number of the Students Certified
1 2016-17 28
2 2017-18 25
3 2018-19 35
4 2019-20 50

Conference Preceedings

S.No Authors Title of Project Name of the Conference Vol & Issue Date of issue Academic Year
1 Mrs. B. Anupama HHT for sleep stage identification ICSMEC-2020 St. Martins Engg College June 29th, 30th 2020 2019-20
2 Mrs. B. Anupama HHT for Sleep stage detection ICCEAESA 2019 BVRIT, Narsapur Aug-23rd, 2019
3 Mrs. B. Anupama, Ashwini, Pooja, Shivani Smart Agro- System Using Arduino ICCEAESA 2019 Conference BVRIT, Narsapur Aug-23rd, 2019
4 Mrs. B. Anupama Alcohol Detection Using HHT ICSCT-2019 Anurag Group of Institutions July 26th & 27th 2019
5 Dr.Prabhakara Rao Automated SECERN Robot ICEI 2017 978-1-5090-4257 May 2017 2016-17
6 Rohith Reddy, B.Anil Kumar Bliss Bot for Pharmaceutical Ispection ICEI 2017 978-1-5090-4257-9/17 May 2017
7 Madhav Sharma Virtual Navigation using Kinect Mapping ICET-16 KARPAGAM College of Engineering, Coimbatore 16th -17th December 2016

Journal Publications

S.No Authors Title of Project Name of the Journal Vol & Issue Date of issue Academic Year
1 Dr.Prabahker, Sai Samrat, Adityan, Karthik, Naga Chaitanya Smart face recognition system IJERE vol10 issue 5 May-20 2019-20

2 P.Rajesh, Sai Sanketh Kulkarni, Sunnam Raveej Shrama, Y Maneesh Reddy, B Chandra Shekar Smart Spectacles IJARIIT vol6, issue 3 May 2020
3 B.Anilkumar, Bharath, Ashitha, Himabindu, Prathyusha,, Rajeshwari Android based 5 DOF ROBORUKA for industrial applications IJARIIT Vol8, Issue 5 May 2020
4 B.Anilkumar, Joel, Kushal , Rajeshwari, Akhil Maruthi Smart Automation using IOT IJRASET Vol8, Issue 5 May 2020
5 Dr.K.Prabahker, K.Tejaswini, Manasa, Kalpana, Pranathi, Vaishnavi Movable Smart Road Divider to Avoid Traffic Problems IOSR-JECE Vol 15, Issue 2 April 2020
6 Dr.K.Prabhaker, Kamal, Satvika, Sree Drushya, Sai Prudhvi Varma Smart Notice board IOSR-JECE Vol 15, Issue 2 April 2020
7 B. Anupama, Swetha, Keerthi , Samreen Automated Irrigation System in Agriculture Using Android App IJRASET Vol 8 Issue IV April 2020
8 P.Rajesh, Shivani Devda, Anukruthi Karee, Sai Preethi Nadendla, Sriniharika Talking Hand Gloves IJARIIT Vol 6, Issue 2 March 2020
9 B. Anupama, Karthikeswar, Murthy Raja, B.Kumar Raja Reddy, B.N.Sai Harsha Reddy, Vamsi Driver Drowsiness Alert System With Computer Vision Using Machine Learning And Engine Stopping With Raspberry Pi 4 IJIET Vol 15 , Issue 4 March 2020
10 Dr.Prabahker, Sai Samrat, Adityan, Karthik, Naga Chaitanya Smart irrigation based on Node MCU IOSR-JECE Vol 14, Issue 5 October 2019
11 B.Anupama, Swetha, Keerthi, Samreen Accident Alert System IJEIT ISSN: 2322-2223; Volume 2, Issue 3 October 2019
12 Mrs.Anupama, Rohith Reddy, Vamsi An Auditory Model for Brain Computer Interface IJSART Volume 5 Issue 7, ISSN [ONLINE]: 2395-1052 JULY 2019
13 B .Anil Kumar Knock Based Home Security System IJRCEE Vol4, Issue1-No2 Feb2019 2018-19
14 Dr. K Prabhakara Rao, K. Navya, B. Pavan Kumar, G. Hema Mounika, B. Vineeth Smart Stair Lift for Disabled And Elderly RAPIDEET 2018 ISSN: 2395-1303, Volume 4 Issue 1, Jan – Feb 2018 August 2018
15 Dr.K Prabhakara Rao, K. Snapika, P. Akhil Reddy, CH.N.S.D Mythra Varun, B. Sushmitha, Bicycle Simulator RAPIDEET 2018 ISSN: 2321-9653; IC Value: 45.98; SJ Impact Factor :6.887, Volume 6 Issue I, January 2018 August 2018
16 B .Anil Kumar, M.Vivek Chandra, Arun Kumar Singh, P.Raghuveer, N.Thejasvi Design of Multi-Purpose Mobile Target System for Military Applications RAPIDEET 2018 Volume5, Issue1, January 2018 August 2018
17 P. Rajesh Intelligent Head Light Controllers For Vehicles IJCESR Published June 2018
18 Dr. K. Prabhaker, R.Sai Charan Reddy, P. Vamsi Krishna, M. Krishna Chaitanya, M. Neeharika Security System Based on Knock-Pattern Using Arduino and GSM Communication International Journal of Engineering and Techniques ISSN: 2395-1303, Volume 4 Issue 1, Jan – Feb 2018 Jan 2018 2017-18
19 Anil Kumar, Anupama O.Pallavi, Vinusha, Srija Automatic Height Detector International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology ISSN: 2321-9653; IC Value: 45.98; SJ Impact Factor :6.887, Volume 6 Issue I, January 2018 Jan 2018
20 P.Rajesh , Achyuth Varma, Sravan Kumar, R.Sai Varma, M. Sukumar Intelligent Head Light Controller for Vehicles International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research Volume5, Issue1, January 2018 Jan 2018
21 P.Sravani, D. Rohith Sai, B. Shasank Reddy, B. Varun, Prashanth Path Finding Robot by using Obstacle Avoidance System International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology ISSN: 2321-9653; IC Value: 45.98; SJ Impact Factor :6.887, Volume 6 Issue I, January 2018 Jan 2018

Student Projects 2019-20

S.No Student Team Title of the Project Guide
1 Prathyusha, Dasoji, Bharath, Hima Bindu Bluetooth Fire Fighting ROBOT Dr. Prabhaker Rao
2 Kushal, Akhil Datta, Maruthi Ganesh, Joel Smart Automation using IOT B.Anil Kumar
3 Naga Chaitanya, Karthik, Aadityan, Sai Samrat WIMZO, A Face Detection ROVBOT Dr. Prabhaker Rao
4 Prathyusha, Rajeshwari, Bharath, Hima Bindu, Ashitha ANDROID based 5 DOF Roboruka for Industrial Applications B.Anil Kumar
5 Sri Charan, Prashanth, Sabiya, Shalini Border Surveillance ROBOT P.Rajesh
6 Anukruthi, Sai Preethi, Shivani, Shivani, Niharika Talking Hand Gloves For Dumb People P.Rajesh

Student Projects 2018-19

S.No Student Team Title of the Project Guide
1 Sreeja .O, Chandu Jadav, C.Vinusha, Pallavi Smart ATM Security Dr.Prabhakara Rao
2 M.Krishna Chaitanya, Neeharika, Santosh Reddy, Vamsi Krishna TRINETRA B. Anupama
3 Varma ,Kiran, Varun Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Robot P.Rajesh
4 Vijay, Sai Krishna, Arjun Exoskeleton ARM Anil Kumar
5 Vamshi, Bhanuchander, Sanjay, Yashwanth PiBot Raspberrypi Controlled Robot For Surveillance Dr.Prabhakara Rao
6 Shashank, Digvijay, Rohith Warehouse Robot Sravani
7 Sajida, Swetha, Sravanthi Paultry Farm Temperature Monitoring System P.Rajesh
8 Kiran, Sai Kumar, Saourabh Automatic Water Level Controller P.Rajesh
9 Vamshi, Bhanu Survillence Robot Dr.Prabhakara Rao

Student Projects 2017-18

S.No Student Team Title of the Project Guide
1 O.Vamsi, Akshay, Surya Kiran, Anurag Kaushik Smart Band For Safety Dr. Prabhaker Rao
2 Nikhil Chandra, Krishnadhar, Ch.Anvesh Multi-Purpose Target B.Anil Kumar
3 Sindhura, P.Akhil, Sushmitha, Mythra Varun BICYCLE simulator B.Anupama
4 Madhav , Pavan , Apoorva, Krannthi Kumar Bicycle Exercise Trainer B.Anupama
5 Kranthi, Sruthi, Apoorva, K.Praveen Interfacing AURDUINO and Unity Dr. Prabhaker Rao
6 Hema Mounika, K.Navya, Pavan Kumar, Vineeth SMART STAIRCASE B.Anil Kumar

Student Projects 2016-17

S.No Student Team Title of the Project Guide
1 P. Bhargav Varma, Ch.Akhil Telepresence ROBOT Dr. Prabhakar Rao
2 V.Bhagath Kumar, M.Abhilash Reddy, K.B.V.Pavan Bhargava Smart Control using IOT Dr. Prabhakar Rao
3 K.Srinivas , M. Shanmukha, P.Santosh Reddy, K.Dinesh Semi Auto Mobile Matic B.Anupama
4 Santhosh Reddy, Praveena, Sai Supraja Automated SECERN Robot B.Anupama
5 K.Aditya , Bharath Reddy, MAdhurika, Santhosh Kumar Automated Mocktail Machine Dr. I A Pasha
6 K.Pavan , Sai Kumar, P.Raju ZIGBEE Wireless Vehicle Identification & Authentication System B.Anil Kumar
7 Samrath, S.R.Deepika, Sai Vamsi, Neha Smart Luggage B.Anil Kumar
8 Santosh Reddy, Ravi Teja, Naga Bayapu Reddy Smart Switch Board Dr. Prabhakar Rao
9 Shekar,Sridhar,Srikanth Autonomous Vehicle Dr. Prabhakar Rao
10 Rohith Reddy, Rushali, Jahnavi Direction Control of Robot using Image Processing Mr.Munnavar Hussain
11 Sainath, Rahul, Rakshith, Sandeep Remote Operated Robot Dr. Prabhakar Rao