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Welcome to BVRITN

Ongoing Grant-in-aid Projects

S.No. Project Title Principal Investigator & Department Grant support Agency Budget Sanctioned (Rs. in Lakhs) Project Duration
1 Fund for improvement of S&T infrastructure Dr.Ch.Venkateswarlu, Chemical Engg. DST 50 5 years (Nov 2015 -Nov 2020)
2 Biosensor based control interface for life like mobility of a trans-radial prosthetic arm Ms.Subhashini, BME DST 65.2 3 years (March 2016 - March 2019)
3 Cluster Method for Improving Vegetables Farming Practice for enhanced Vegetables Production for Sustainable Livelihoods among Rural Women in Selected Mandals of Medak Dist Dr.VenkataSwamy, BS&H DST 36.4 2 years (Jan 2016 -Jan 2018)
4 Wearable Circular Polarized Antennas for Military Personal Application Dr.Sanjeeva Reddy, ECE DST 44.9 3 years (Nov 2016 -Nov 2019)
5 Design and development of an Embedded Assistive yoga system Dr.Chinnaiah, ECE DST 27.8 (3 years) Nov 2016 - Oct 2019
6 Rural Women Technology Park at Vishnupur Village, Narsapur Mandal, Medak Dist, Telangana State Dr.Laxminarsaiah, BS&H DST 93.4 3 years (Jan 2017 - Jan 2020)
7 A Companion type assistive system for Elderly People using VLSI based Service Robot Dr.Chinnaiah, ECE DST 49.4 3 years (March 2017 - March 2020)
8 Identification and Demonstration of Cost Effective Technologies to Maximize Habitat Energy Self Sufficiency Dr.Vijay Kumar, Civil Engg. DST 96.35 3 Years (Jan 2018 - Jan 2021)
9 Design and Development of On-chip NaadiParikshan Autonomous Healthcare Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks Dr.Sanjay Dubey, ECE DST 63.82 (To be Released) 3 years (2018 - 2021)
10 Development of Open Source Brain Computer Interface Toolbox and Large Scale Public Database of EEG Data for BCI Research Dr.Sanjay Dubey, ECE DST 59.1 (To be Released) 3 years (2018 - 2021)