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Pharmaceutical - Publications

Dr. Vishnu Pulavarthy

  1. Vishnu P* and Naveen babu ., “Design and Evaluation of A Hydrodynamic gastro retentive drug delivery of Eprosartan mesylate” . INDIAN DRUGS ; 52(10): 16-22.
  2. Vishnu P*, Naveen babu K and M.Sunithareddy. 2015. “Formulation and evaluation of Candesartan cilexetil floating tablets by melt granulation technique.IJRPC,5 (2), 373-379.
  3. Vishnu P*, Naveen babu K and M.Sunithareddy. 2014. “Design And Evaluation of A Hydrodynamic Gastroretentive of Valsartan Sustained Released Tablets”. International Journal of Pharmacy, 4 (1), 442-447.
  4. Vishnu P*, Ravindrababu B, Sudheer B, Shireesh Kiran R and Naveen babu K. 2011. “Formulation and Optimization of Verapamil Hydrochloride Microcapsules”. International Journal of Pharmacy, 1 (1), 54-58.
  5. Vishnu P*, Sandhya M, Sreesh Kiran R, Vani ChV and Naveen Babu K. 2012. “Needle Free Injection Technology: A REVIEW”. International Journal of Pharmacy, 2 (1), 148-155.
  6. *Vishnu P, Shireesh kiran R, Chaitanya B, Naveenbabu K and Vijayavani Ch. S. 2013. “Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Tablets of Vildagliptin”. International Journal of Pharmacy, 3 (3), 587-593.
  7. Usha Sri T*, Rajesh Vooturi, Vishnu P, and Naveen Babu K. 2014. “Formulation and Evaluation of Controlled Porosity Osmotic Drug Delivery System of Metoprolol Succinate”. International Journal of Pharmacy, 4 (4), 246-255.
  8. Chilvalvar Sapnil, V. Uma Maheshwara Rao, Vishnu, G. Ashok and B. Ajay Kumar. 2013. “Formulation and Evaluation of Extended Release Tablets of Tramadol Hydrochloride”. International Research Journal of Pharmacy, 4 (10), 65-69.
  9. Ch. Bhanu prakash*,V.Umamaheshwara Rao, P.Vishnu and K. Naveen Babu. 2014. “Review of Iontophoresis: A Recent Advanced Transdermal Drug Delivery System”. International Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 5 (1), 1761-1768.
  10. Morsu ashok*, P Vishnu, K Naveen Babu, V.Umamaheshwara Rao, Bollarum Madhu. 2014. “An Overview on Bilayer Tablets”. International Journal of Research and Reviews in Pharmacy and Applied science, 4 (1), 957-974.

Dr. N. Nandakumar

  1. N. Nandakumar, SSS Duvuri has published paper on “ Non-Newtonian fluid flow past irregular particles: from low to moderate Reynolds numbers in IJPAM, 2018.
  2. N. Nandakumar, Kirti Chandra Sahu, M. Anand, Pulsatile flow of a shear-thinning model for blood through a two-dimensional stenosed channel, European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids 49 (2015) 29–35.
  3. N. Nandakumar, M. Anand, Pulsatile flow of blood through a 2D double-stenosed channel: effect of stenosis and pulsatility on wall shear stress, Int J Adv Eng Sci Appl Math 8, (2016) 61–69.
  4. N. Nandakumar, M. Anand, A mechanical model for growth of atherosclerotic plaque (Under review) 2015..
  5. N. Nandakumar, M. Anand, Blood flow in stenosed artery: A computational study, IUTAM Symposium, Hyderabad TS, INDIA, 2014.
  6. N. N. Kumar and N. Kishore, 2-D Newtonian flow past ellipsoidal particles at moderate Reynolds numbers, The Minerals and Process Industries CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia 9-11 December 2009.

Mrs. Archana Rao P

  1. Growth kinetics of chlorella vulgaris and botryococcus braunii based on presence of sodium bicarbonate in the medium as parameter, International Journal of current engineering and scientific research, Volume II, Issue XI, 2015

C. Pavani

  1. C. Pavani, Swapna velivela, Sravani, Ramya "Formulation and evaluation of floating sustained release tablets of valsartan for gastro- retentive drug delivery”, Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology 7(8):825-829-January 2014.
  2. C. Pavani, T. Sravani, MD Basheeruddin “Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release tablets of Nateglinide by using natural polymers”, International J of Adv in pharmaceutical Sciences 9(2017):8-13.

Mr. Md. Basheeruddin

  1. MD. Basheeruddin, A.Purnachander, M.Nishita, B.Shravanti, Y.Harita Sri, M.Kishore Kumar "Anxiolytic and antidepressant activity of Barleria buxifolia Linn", JPR 2013,1(2), 121-124
  2. C. Pavani, T. Sravani, MD Basheeruddin “Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release tablets of Nateglinide by using natural polymers”, International J of Adv in pharmaceutical Sciences 9(2017):8-13.
  3. Senthil Rajan, Sai Siddhardh, MD Basheerudin "Bioanalytical method development and validation of Naproxen: application to bioequivalence studies", International Journal of pharmaceutical Quality assurance 8(2),49-53, 2017.