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bvrit reflections

Stories From Students And Faculty


Stay Resilient And Wish For Better Future

baghyashObviously Covid-19 has bought many changes in current lifestyles of students. It’s been really difficult to cope with the online classes in the beginning. Nevertheless, they can bring the same classroom experience we had in our college. It’s really different from those days where we used to discuss things directly with our mentors and friends. Fortunately, my professors have been so supporting that to some extent we are able to grasp the subject.

  On the other hand, this lockdown also bought a lot of time to self-evaluate. Now, I know on what areas I need to improve my expertise. Self-learning enhanced my knowledge. I always wanted to be multi-disciplinary which is why this time is valuable to me. Back then I had a timetable where I couldn’t organize things as I wished. Now that I’m all on my own, things have improved dramatically. Being an avid reader, I can put my maximum amount of time on reading. In spite of all the disturbances we basically have at our home, I managed to keep my learning always on the track.

  Looking into future, there are some questions that occupied me. Very early, I realized that panicking won't help. All I can do is stay resilient and hope for better future. Staying home for more than two months has been difficult. But it’s not just me who is going through this pandemic and it is my responsibility to stay home and ensure the safety of others. Lockdown has taught me time management, responsibility and accountability.

  Lastly, I want to remind to people who are having similar dismay that we are all in this together. From now on things won't be the same but one has to ready for everything. Life can change in a flash and this virus has shown us that. Please stay home because ultimately everything comes down to life. Nothing’s precious than life.

My deepest gratitude to all doctors, government officials who are relentlessly working for our safety.

Stay home, Stay safe.

--B Bhagyesh Reddy ECE

It’s Your Choices That Determine Your Life

gaayathriEver since the start of quarantine, it has been all about social distancing and staying safe at home. It's been about 2 months since, all of this has begun and I had my shares of ups and downs. Initially it began with, me being happy about this unannounced vacation which I felt was much needed for me. So, I relaxed as much as I could. But soon, after a week I realized that it was time for me to be productive.

  Online classes had begun and lots of assignments had piled up. All this only made me realize that, it was lot more fun learning face-to-face than online. It took tremendous effort paying attention to classes with tempting distractions around. I did miss socializing. Oh lord! It also made me realize the pleasant campus we have.

   With time, I got adapted to this new way of learning and a whole new way of life. I had decided to use this time effectively for enhancing my abilities both professionally and personally. The faculty had put their efforts in providing us links of various online courses to boost up our skills. All these helped me become an improved version of myself professionally and helped me bag an intern as well.

   The step I had simultaneously taken was to equally improve myself personally. I gave my passion for writing, a part of everyday. With a peculiar interest I have developed towards Indian mythology and culture, I also spent a fair amount of time researching about them. I indulged in meditation which brought a lot of peace and stability. Many could say that's boring and honestly, so did I when my father suggested it. But, as I continued, I realized that I was wrong about it as it did help me become a better individual.

   This COVID season had a huge share of cons but, I made sure to compensate with equal share of pros as well spending my time wisely because, in the end, it is your choices that determine the life you want to lead every moment.

--Gaayathri PV, CSE

Life During Quarantine

srikarThe rapidly-spreading COVID 19 crisis has been dominating and altering our lives as we know. As the cases grew, my trepidation has crossed the charts. The day online classes had begun I was excited to see how learning would be. Even though online classes were great my thoughts were always about getting back to college so I could meet my friends and lecturers. The amount of work and Assignments has doubled compared to what we usually have. Online classes weren't the same as classroom lectures. The pandemic had affected my personal life a lot. As an extrovert, my urge to go outside is substantially high. After realizing that this situation might stick for a while, I started thinking about my future.

Despite being a freshmen student, I wanted to learn something in addition to my academics. While attending my online classes I've also signed up for a python course in Internshala and Coursera. Upon completion of the certification from Internshala, my college has suggested me to complete certification from Coursera as well. I’ve started experimenting with my programming skills on online platforms to enhance my knowledge. Just when I was searching for more opportunities, my college has notified me about IBM Hackathon. I always wanted to put my creativity and technical skills together and provide a solution to the societal problem. I teamed with my friends Sharan and Ashish to develop a mobile application related to Corona virus using Dart Programming Language. My passion to learn something new never ended. I’ve enrolled myself in two other courses (self-driving cars: How they work & Learn to program by the University of Toronto) which are yet to be complete. I am most grateful to my college for all the opportunities it has provided and looking forward to getting back soon.

--Srikar S, CSE

Contemplate On The Things You Are Passionate About

alekhyaCOVID-19 in a blink of an eye has changed our lifestyle. This catastrophe has amended life’s priorities. From going to college to now attending online classes most of the things have been mutated. I never imagined but I really do miss being the classroom atmosphere surrounded by my peers. Fortunately, technology is a huge part of our lives and helping us acquainted to the current scenario. Online learning has been not only very productive and fun but also taught us the value of classroom and college which in India treated as a ‘temple’.

Being a social butterfly, I love to see people and have a conversation with them. When my late night study groups or hanging out with friends is taken away , it gave me a learning that we need to appreciate little things in our lives. Being stuck at home has forced me to realize all the simple things I have taken granted for. I always enjoyed writing poetry. The art had somehow faded away in my routine life. Very soon I realized that it is a great part of me, I resumed it. Poetry and content writing is my cup of tea and are the things that I could bounce back anytime. I will keep writing not because I have to, but because writing is such a pleasure exercising activity for me. Covid-19 predicament increased human stress on different age groups. So little things like reminiscing childhood memories, experimenting with food, checking courses online, and reading novels made me unwind amidst lockdown as “the happy twist”.

This period is uncertain and difficult. I believe that a country’s true potential could be exhibited only in such crisis. On a positive note we must enhance the number of digital opportunities and the quality in online LMS. We should contemplate on the things we are passionate about. Don’t forget to tell your family how much you love them and what they mean to you. We as responsible citizens should obey the rules and stay safe at home. Help the poor and needy in our vicinities. The corona virus has taught us the most valuable lessons on health , hygiene and nature. Nature is the reason for our survival. Let the nature be healed in its own medication. Never forget, nature does not belong to us, we belong to nature.


--Alekhyaa Chowdary, IT

Getting Ready For Tomorrow’s World

kavyaQuarantine has changed everything. On the eve of 15th March 2019, the college has announced holidays. Initially, I was very happy about the sudden vacation thinking that I would finally have some time to relax. But this didn't last for long. Within just a week, we stopped getting house help, which meant I had to help my parents with the house chores. Just then, online classes had begun and assignments started piling up. I had a hard time to manage both studies along with household responsibilities.

Eventually, I got accustomed to this routine and only a little later did I realize that this was a blessing in disguise. Within just a few weeks, I started to notice a significant change in my attitude which I surely did not anticipate. Multitasking and Indulging in various activities has made me more proactive and efficient at the stuff I do. Unknowingly, I had learned how to manage time and keep up with both my personal and professional life. It has also brought me a lot of time to explore my interests.

I had picked up a few online courses that would boost my skills. Various online learning platforms have opened us to a variety of courses which would bridge the gap between college and the industry. The best part about online learning is that it is self-paced and you can go about it according to your convenience. At the same time, it requires you to be self-motivated and exploratory. This has helped me discipline myself and find new ways to enhance my skills. The future is all about self-learning and I believe this is the best time to practice it.

Knowingly or unknowingly this quarantine has brought in a lot of self-realizations. It has taught me to appreciate tiny things in life which I've always happened to overlook. It has forced to have a complete personality makeover and prepared me for the future. Today, I feel incredibly optimistic about the future and I can now confidently say that I am more self-sufficient, self-motivated, patient and definitely ready for tomorrow's world.

--Kavya Gogineni, EEE

The Leaders’ Call – A Letter to the Class of 2020

somnathThere is a reason why humans are considered superior than other living beings, no matter how many downsides there are to human actions and behaviours – we are resilient creatures. We gain momentum amidst adverse conditions. We thrive through survival instincts. We have been subjected to pandemics and disasters for thousands of years before today, and we have always risen above all of them. We can and we will do it again. Yes, almost the entire world is in a lockdown, yes, there is a deadly virus out there, and yes, we are losing out on a lot of moments in our lives like our graduation and our first day at work. But yes, there is a lot of hope too. Today, the world is connected rather deeply than we have ever been; the distancing is only physical, not social. We have every sort of knowledge base ready for us to respire and rise above this pandemic that ails us temporarily.

I believe that trends are set regardless of a pandemic being present or not. If work-from-home becomes a way of living, so be it. If online classes become the next big thing in the education system, so be it. Nevertheless, this is the time, my fellow batch mates, for us to lead the world to a better place. I have a gut-feeling that nothing is ever going back to normal again and that is alright! We can gain from this chaos too, and probably upskill ourselves better sitting in the comforts of our houses.

In the past couple of months, I have completed several online courses, and so have many others. And I miss being on campus and interacting with my peers and professors, and I believe that will come back really soon. I know everyone feels the same way, and I empathize with every single person reading this. But I have just one request – have faith.

This pandemic is a call for all the leaders out there. The world needs us more than ever before. Let us step forward and do what we are known to do – be unstoppably resilient.

Yours truly,
An Engineer from the class of 2020
Leading in his own little ways

--Somnath S, ECE



Dealing With The New Normal

varunIt all happened so fast! In January there was just a news about “CORONA” and by the end of the month first case was reported in India, while we at BVRIT were so busy completing formalities related to NBA that every other news was felt as a temporary situation. But CORONA took over things which were taken for granted, at a hasty pace. We lacked preparation, nor could anticipate the brutality of the situation. This situation pushed us to transform our working style. Initially, it was just “WORK-from-HOME”, then it became “TEACH-from-HOME” and now all we are asked to do is be prepared to “PRACTICE-from-HOME” the best Teaching & Learning methodologies. It has all become a part of the life now.

I used to pity myself for not spending enough time at home with my two kids KHYATHI (3+) and KRITHI (2+). Usually, I would be long gone by the time they woke up and used to come home all tired after travelling 2-2 ½ hrs of journey to and from BVRIT. I used to wait for Sundays to come early, to spend some time with family. Now during this lockdown, the new routine goes like this .... workout followed by grocery pickup, sprouts/salad followed by breakfast, checking emails and responses followed by calls, online class engagements followed by updating in spreadsheets, lunch break followed by Mahabharat, short nap followed by snacks, Webinars followed by Coursera course work, and finally, evening news followed by dinner.

I still have to squeeze time out and spend time with kids and family members.

I am part of the BVRIT family since 2014 and till date I have never seen BVRIT backed down and I know it never will, no matter whatever the odds. We as the faculty members are intense to serve students for their betterment. Down somewhere I still doubt myself about how do I blend the elements of emotion, empathy and excitement while delivering online classes. But I am pretty sure time will give answers to all of them and wish this situation could not get any worse but will get better and all our lives will come back with stricter norms as new normal.

--Dr. A. Varun,
Associate Professor,
Mechanical Engineering Department

Learning From Lockdown

rahavadra“Lockup” is a word familiar to me through media and crime movies but I heard the word “Lockdown” for the first time only this year. Subsequently I came to know many other words such as pandemic, quarantine, outbreak etc. This covid-19 has really unsettled the world and taught us many new lessons and uncertainties of life.As someone quoted “The most negative word nowadays to be heard is “positive”.

To be frank I felt happy first to have holidays to spend some quality time with my family. Later on when I learnt the difficulties faced by the people and especially the problems of migrant workers and daily waged laborers I was grieved about the situation. Lockdown taught me some very important lessons of life.

Even though I am familiar about online teaching and personally undergone online courses in NPTEL, it was the first time that I have conducted online teaching sessions. At first I felt little a uncomfortable because it is totally different for me and also I was missing the personal touch with students. After that I made up my mind and started delivering classes freely. I am exploring better ways for making online classes interesting for the students.

I am more concerned about students, as they have to attend online classes for three to four hours a day over headphone which is not an easy task that too staying at home. Really I appreciate students that they are doing very well in this new mode of academic pursuit.

I am very much thankful to the management for providing us many skill development facilities like Courses and FDPs. I am grateful to our revered Chairman for consistently motivating us. I am thankful to our Principal Sir and HOD for patiently motivating and encouraging us all the time.

By taking precautions suggested by the government, we can collectively fight against Coronavirus and build healthy India.

It is my wish and expect that the situation would become better and we will soon be in our campus and enjoy our class room teaching.


Assistant Professor,
Chemical Engineering Department

Getting Acquainted With The New Normal

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” -- Jimmy Dean

mrunaliniThis sudden change has been very significant as it has brought into light many of my hidden traits and changed my perspective in learning and teaching. The first few days were loaded with many anxieties, concerns and preparation for an entirely new normal. Though online teaching is not completely new, as few of the modules are put in use during the regular classroom teaching, it has given all of a new chance of course, to explore various tools as Google Classroom, Zoom, Google Meet, Hangouts, Kahoot, Mind Map etc. through which I can jumpstart to teach, conduct tests and assess my students. I never knew I could learn very fast, adapt to new state of affairs and use technology just like any other tech savvy. However, online teaching is not a cake walk. Challenges like grabbing the interest of students, designing attention-grabbing content, charming the students the whole time, have provided an opportunity to me in redesigning my content; to contemplate on my delivery techniques and to set up short quizzes envisioning the needs of the students. Assignments pouring in the right time, tests being taken by almost all students and active participation in the online classes are not only testimonies for pupil being more solemn in their activities but also boosters for me. In this process, I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative work in the department, be it learning, sharing, guiding, researching, communicating and the list goes on; which resulted in a strong bonding with faculty.

To articulate the best moment amidst a bundle, during this pandemic, is undoubtedly the intimate conversations I had with my students. The relief that was evident in the student’s tone of voice after pouring his heart out, knowing that there is someone listening is really inexpressible. These conversations have given me a prospect to work with compassion, humility and love.

Participating in online FDPs, enrolling in new courses, attending webinars, preparing content, taking online classes, interacting with students, dedicated time to family and household chores – WOW … I realized, I (teachers) am no less than a super woman armed with meticulous planning and wonderful execution!

I do miss my lustrous green campus, the intellectual discussions in the staff rooms and the classroom settings though; I sure am glad that we were given a chance to strengthen our weaknesses, to spend quality time on research, to explore new opportunities, to organize, to clear backlogs, to strengthen relations and many more in this pandemic. COVID 19 is not the end, we may have to face many new challenges, and the deep rooted positivity in every BVRITian for sure is going to see opportunity in every adversity. I am in no doubt we are all going to meet on campus very soon sharing all the treasured moments.

Be vigilant and be safe.

--Dr. B Mrunalini Sasanka,
Associate Professor,

Live the life FULLY: Nothing is more important than LIFE

parameshwariBeginning of this year if anybody had told me that 2020 will make the entire world lock themselves in their homes, I definitely would have thought that this man had gone crazy. But today living in this very unprecedented times it is quite a shock how Corona Virus has affected the lives of each and every individual.

Looking at the bright side, I along with my mother and daughter have spent some real quality time together. We cooked some great dishes which we would never even try like baking cakes without oven or making panipuris and jalebis which were once easily available on streets back then.  Also, this lockdown period made me revisit my childhood again, we played indoor games like chess and carroms and I also had the opportunity to connect with my long lost friends, my classmates till 7th grade and it felt surreal talking to them after 30 long years.

 Our internet consumption reached an all-time high as we were using Netflix and Prime constantly watching all the movies starting from the 90s to the current period.  Our work life wouldn't have been easier without Apps like Zoom, Microsoft teams, Hangouts as these applications made us connect with our students and colleagues and get our jobs done. These sources helped me conduct classes and quizzes, and provide materials to the students.

 Psychology has always been my favorite subject, but I could never do anything about it. I felt there is no better time than this lockdown to pursue it. Whenever there was free time I dedicated myself to Coursera. I finished my first course and got a certificate from a foreign university, it got me really excited and there was no stepping back after that and I finished five psychology courses in Coursera.

 This lockdown also taught a lesson to my daughter on her birthday to adjust with what we have. If not for this lockdown she definitely would have spent around 10 to 15k rupees on a new dress or partying with her friends, instead she celebrated her birthday by cutting homemade cake and wearing a new saree bought for myself a while ago and was happy with these simpler things.

 All this might sound great, but every time we step out of the house wearing masks and using sanitizers to buy daily necessaries, there is an underlying fear about the risk we are taking.  This fear was not only regarding health but also about the future. Our recent interaction with our honorable Chairman Sir gave us great courage and faith towards future and laid our fears to rest. This pandemic has taught us that nothing is more important than “life” and reminded us of the saying 'Health is wealth' without which nothing is meaningful, so please stay safe and healthy.

--Dr B Naga Parameshwari,
Asst Professor,

Prepared For The Uncertainities

premMy father used to tell me, we should be prepared for anything in life like the army is prepared for wars He was right. VEDIC of BVRIT was a training center for us. Faculty was trained and armed with a lot of digital learning tools a couple of years from now. The learning environment was already observed in college. But, real combat to teach and learn started in this pandemic period. The uncertain lockdowns and the future made us think away from regular teaching styles and routines. The first weeks went with watching news and balancing the minds psychologically about the health. I was exploring the size of the virus and how can I inhibit it from troubling me. Stress was somehow in all of us. Soon, involving in classes broke it. College was active now online. Whatsapp was the communication tool for students and Google classrooms were now hyperactive.

Talking with students also helped us to know their wellbeing. Brainstorming students for COVID-19 projects helped us to know their patterns of ideation. Students quickly got connected and were involved in active learning. Assessments supported my previous statement. Zoom was the most used online platform like the basic Nokia phone for its ease of user interface. Students were using their mobile phones and computers more than ever. And we were in the business of teaching and learning. Project reviews and classes too went smoothly like regular classes. All noises were accepted from the machines to dogs. Engineers knew noises well in their graduations and always apply filters in labs. I apply the filters well when there is a sudden mango wala selling his mangoes in my class. I observed that Internet was the most consumed one compared to water.

Our brain fired their neurons more now with the Coursera Certifications. I was now able to do things I was procrastinating. I enrolled in the areas I always wanted to explore.AI for everyone to Design thinking for Innovation helped me to know my learning abilities and earn skills in happening technologies. For now, I have added my certification to LinkedIn and promised to do more. I enjoyed taking the video assignments and peer reviews. I was able to edit my videos and make them really attractive. The world-class masters too started throwing their knowledge for free from NPTEL to Webinars. I never miss them as they are free. And I Know in future they will be charged.

I never missed talking with friends, colleagues, and my family. Speaking with them helped me to refresh and find solutions. I am making my courses interactive and interesting for the next academic year. Blended learning will be the most effective one for teaching and learning.

This COVID-19 has disturbed the lives of humans, but not the teaching-learning process. I am prepared for the uncertainties. I never want to forget the support I got from the institution. And finally the one who is reading my non-technical writings -my feelings. Thank you.

--M.Prem Kumar,
Assistant Professor,
Biomedical Engineering.

Stay Positive

sandeepIt is said that “Good things happen slowly and bad things happen at rapid pace”, such is the present scenario with COVID-19 at our doorsteps. For the past two months I have gone through a lot of uncertainties both in our personal as well as professional lives. To start with the early week of March was the time when I came to know about the seriousness of COVID-19 pandemic, by when most of the countries had declared lockdown. My situation was tensed, having a year old kid and parents nearing 60’s, the foremost thing which came to my mind was to secure grocery items required for my family for at least a month. So each day while returning from college in the late evening, started purchasing the essentials on priority bases. By the end of March second week, the news on lockdown was circulating and most of the educational institutes like schools (Where my Nephew is admitted) were declaring shutdown. With our college also declaring holidays for students from third week of March, as a faulty of BVRIT I was busy with uploading of NBA SAR document and wanted to finish of my work before the break. This phase of life taught me the importance of financial management and how disastrous was our casual approach. With this I had to set up new approach towards life like prioritizing and revisiting your financial Goals, Stop making decisions based on Fear, reducing the financial obligations like debts and expenses, guarding your Health and Wealth, keeping enough liquidity to meet urgent needs, etc

On the professional front, this phase has brought a humongous change in the way we usually see teaching as. I could up skill myself by doing online courses from reputed institutes and test my knowledge and gain confidence. The real difficulty came when we started teaching online; with traditional teaching I was able to handle the emotions and could grab attentions of students quiet efficiently. But with online classes this was difficult and for gaining the command back, had to go through certain webinars and articles on teaching learning and make the necessary change to the method of delivery.

Putting all together, there are always two sides of any situation, the one which is positive and the other negative, and these situations are unavoidable. From my personal side COVID-19 has brought only positives in me.

--Dr. M. Sandeep Kumar,
Associate Professor,
Department of Mech Engg.

Engaging Students Online Is The Key

neelakantappaDuring the 3rd week of March, the first circular regarding the closure of college for fortnight made everyone surprised. Students were utterly disappointed as they were in the mood of celebrating Annual day ZealotZ-2020.

During the first week of lockdown period, people were in panic as the virus started spreading globally. The quarantine and the lockdown rules became strict and people started worrying about surviving in the COVID affected world.

As a teaching faculty our focus shifted in covering the syllabus for the benefit of the students such that they could start their exams after this lockdown period. Slowly we accustomed to the situation and started teaching classes online. This led to successful scheduling of the online classes. Online mode of teaching is a new positive change in the field of teaching during this pandemic.

Initially I felt nervous about teaching classes online. I spent much time for my preparation to cover concepts and techniques with examples in the topics. I thank my friend and co-faculty of DAA for providing necessary online connection as I had a very poor network in my native place. I believe that this online teaching went on successfully as students participated with enthusiasm. Online mode made the students attend classes comfortably from their home. Later I shared the videos of the session so that students can listen to the topics that they feel more complex. We have posted certain assignments on the Google classroom and felt happy to receive response from the students in form of scanned copies of solutions. This made our teaching-learning process more exciting and interesting. Quizzes and assignments were conducted to award the marks for internal assessment.

The bottom line of the success of online courses is the engagement of students. The knowledge component is more natural to deliver in online mode. The transfer of skills through online mode is case dependent.

Communication is the heart of any LMS. Multiple communication modes like creating email groups, informing via Whatsapp/Telegram app, using web-based live video conferencing platforms (like WebEx, Zoom), and also teaching webs (like Moodle, Google Classrooms) have been used.. The future of online teaching should not be reactive to the situation. Instead, I believe it is a potential model for a resource crunched country like India and a personal tool for self development. Intelligent teachers should realize and preach that.

IT Dept,

Digital Learning Is The New Normal

sanjeev reddyIt was quite difficult in reaching out to the students in the initial days of lockdown and as time progressed the students were made comfortable to the new online tools like Gsuite, Jamboard, Canvas App, Google meet and Edmodo. VEDIC training helped me to switch online learning and training with ease. The state of the art equipment and software in the department of ECE with high end simulators like Xilinx IDE, NI tools, IE3D tool and licensed MATLAB helped the pre-final and final year students to successfully complete the mini and major projects.

Impact of COVID19 pandemic has made us to take a new diversified and novel academic training and learning. Moreover, the online process had a mixed feedback from the students and they are very keen on knowing the answers to the questions like academic schedule, delay of exams, attendance, evaluation of online classes, admissions of PG and MS programs, placement offers and situation of post covid academic environment. Institute is closely watching the list of guidelines issued by MHRD/AICTE and university to be amended.

The current situation may be once in a life time event and perhaps once in a century event, something we never faced before. Facilities, infrastructure, dedicated faculty along the functional and discipline lines have to adapt to changing circumstances. All of a sudden, online/virtual teaching has shown us a new way of facilitating the knowledge to the students. It is also utmost important to address the psychological issues, panic attacks, anxiety that the students are facing with the help of proper counseling.

Many faculties are new to the ongoing online education and it also important to address the students about new disciplines that are going to replace with current disciplines. I am sure that the college will take all the measures of maintaining PPEs, masks and other medical units available, meeting the needs of faculty and students before the reopening. It’s high time to hold the responsibility on every teaching professional in the institute to balance both online and off line mode of teaching methodologies which effectively help the student fraternity.

“The ones that will do best are the ones who are ahead and are developing systems that are more resilient and adaptable”

--Dr. B. R. Sanjeeva Reddy,

More Adaptable And Flexible

seshu kumariSwitching from black board to online Teaching is kind of challenging to me because I love being in the classroom with my students and engaging them in discussion and hands on activities. During Online classes Students may grasp the main concepts of the unit, but if there is perceived doubt that they do not fully comprehend abstract ideas, and then I try to show an alternative learning method. And I have been pleasantly surprised by the fact that about 90% of the students seem to be able to join the sessions, and attendance seems to be almost in line with regular classes. I have reached out to the few who have not joined us, and when I hear they have network issues I tell them that they can watch lecture Video in Google classroom which I have recorded during the class and posted in Classroom. For every class I teach, I always use Google to create a class folder where students share their work.

This experience has taught me that I am more adaptable and flexible than I thought I could be. I love to see people and have a conversation with them. Whether it is just passing someone in the hallway with a simple smile or saying "hi" or "how are you," all the way to the daily life conversations with my Friends & Students . Just sitting at home makes me miss all the little things. Fortunately, technology has benn advanced that we can still communicate with those who are not physically with us, so we can still stay in touch.

--Seshu Kumari B ,
Assistant Professor ,
Civil Dept.

A Good Online Experience

srinivas cheInitially I heard the news of the CORONA Virus spreading in the Wuhan city of China and China initiated lock down. The Fick’s law of diffusion states that, the diffusion takes place from higher concentration to lower concentration and the COVID-19 also diffusing in same manner. In that situation the only solution to stop the diffusion of COVID-19 is lockdown and as an immediate act INDIA has initiated lockdown and given most priority to the lives of Indians than anything.

After joining in this college, I have opportunity to participate in number of activities facilitated by VEDIC, through which I have learnt many things and practiced several online tools like Google Classroom, Edmodo, etc but the satisfaction was minimal like application of Nanofluids in process industries. During the lockdown the knowledge gained at VEDIC has became as a gold treasure in Padmanabha Swamy temple and I have effectively delivered online classes with maximum effectiveness.

It is very difficult task to engage students in online for long hours but the students have cooperated well and did most of the assigned tasks on time. Thanks to all students for their efforts to learning things online.

Wholehearted thanks to Chairman Sir, Principal Sir, HOD Madam, All faculty members, Non- teaching staff and management for your continuous support.

Wish the COVID 19 medicine is invented as early as possible and the glory be retuned to globe in terms of health and wealth. Jai Hind !!

--Dr G Srinivas,
Assistant Professor,
Chemical Engineering

Dealing With The Massive Shift

srinivas mbaThe COVID-19 pandemic situation has thrown challenges to the teaching fraternity as teaching-learning process had a major shift from classroom to the smart devices while remote learning became imminent. This massive shift from traditional classroom to online mode was not at all difficult to me; thanks to the team at VEDIC who trained us well in advance about the latest tools of engaging students in the teaching-learning process. Since I closely work with learning and development professionals of the industry, I felt that my students can leverage on this opportunity by enhancing the skills and hence encouraged them to join in online courses. I miss my faculty colleagues, beautiful campus and of course my students very much. In the beginning, few students could not join as they lack basic infrastructure in setting up things for attending online sessions, but later coped up well. In fact there are few advantages in engaging sessions online, like switching between PPT, videos and Cases. Most of the students logged in with only audio, this sometimes makes me feel bit away otherwise learning goes on well. I think this has been difficult for all of us in different ways.

--Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao,
Associate Professor,

Lockdown As A Learning Opportunitiy

gireeshkumarThe transition has been simple from the end of the day, as I have previously taught in an online environment and the technology to move my current classes to an online model has always been in place. Being as an online instructor over the past years has been a slow phase. Now I'm able to digitally fly alongside my students in the face of an unprecedented global threat. We also step into the exciting realm of doing our research as easily as possible in the teaching and learning activities.

I learned a lot of learning-based activities from our VEDIC trainers during the regular workshops we had since past three years. This lockdown gave the opportunity of using most of the learning practices and tools like Zoom, Microsoft teams, Google class etc., that I have been learned for online teaching and assessments. I prefer two-way interactive sessions for students to better understanding the concepts. Hence, I used to ask few open-ended questions on the topic during online session so that students could respond more to it. In the learning sessions, the students are provided with appropriate breaks to give time to think the topic and to allow doubts about their questions. I've held online conferences, presentations and conversations with students and colleagues. I still collaborate with students on different social platforms while they study and connect in chat rooms to make the course more interactive.

I have also been a lot of discussion among colleagues on how to increase the quality of online teaching for students in rural areas who do not have the facilities. I created a YouTube channel from their ideas and have uploaded all my online session content and videos for repetitive/flipped and rural students.

Also, focused on self-learning by online certifications, webinars, research for professional development. I have published a textbook on “Electrical Distribution Systems” and two research papers during the lockdown

--D Gireesh Kumar,
Assistant Professor,

Nothing can kill our will

bhuvanaCOVID-19 pandemic has brought the world down to its knees without waging a war and we are all victims. For better or for worse the way we lead our lives has changed and it’s certain that this impact will ripple into our future. It’s a mixed bag for me.

We were all busy with our daily routines just before two months and in a blink of an eye everything has changed. I was quite excited when the lockdown was announced like many others and it felt good to have got some time to relax. Soon, online classes, online courses, online interactions have paved their way into my life. It took me a little time to adapt myself to this new learning environment. I picked up new hobbies like cooking, painting, reading, writing and I’ve also started spending more time with my family. However, I soon began to realize that we are slowly losing the normalcy in our daily lives.

For someone like me who loves to socialize, it is bit difficult to spend two months at home. Although technology is playing its role, there is no substitute for the physical human presence. I soon began to miss college where I spend most of my time exchanging pleasantries with my friends, organizing events and other simple, mundane realities of pre-COVID-19 world. However, all we can do is to hope that tomorrow will be better and it is the need of this moment to stay home to keep ourselves safe and follow the rules. Earth is healing as we are staying at home and what’s better than that?

Pandemic made me realize that our daily routines can be annihilated, our plans for the future can be disrupted but nothing can kill our will! Let’s keep working on our dreams till they turn into reality. Resilience amidst adversity and unprecedented chaos will make us strong and future ready!

--Bhuvana Chandrika, Chemical Engineering

A Turning Point

"Fear is a journey, a terrible journey and sorrow is at least an arriving" -- Wole Soyinka

snehitaAfter a span of six years I spent time with my family at home day in and day out. It is such a great blessing in disguise being together for all four of us during this COVID-19 crisis. Present day life is so hectic that everybody is in a rat race, without knowing its true meaning and purpose. Life has become a mystery. We don’t have enough time to brood over it. This situation is a turning point to realize our dreams and goals. When I feel nostalgic about good olden days I recall famous Indian poet Dilip Chitre’s poem on Banyan Tree where he focused on traditional Indian deep rooted joint family system where people share their pain and pleasures, smiles and tears , happiness and sorrows with their kith and kin.

During this pandemic I see a lot of changes in various sectors in our country. Although we are facing recession on one side, I could also see great opportunities on the other side of the coin. The positive corner of this situation is that plenty of opportunities are visible in Health care and e-learning platforms. Human compassion and sensitivity increased among people irrespective of their social cadre.

As I am a final year student at first COVID 19 traumatize my future plans and career but as days pass by I moulded myself , diverted my thought process towards various fields in which I need to master. This is a time an individual can put efforts to develop one selves. Apart from an academic perspective I have taken this situation as a challenge and tried helping out my peers to get over this crisis. It is my conviction that we have to feel every moment and experience the essence of life. These undeclared holidays made me to get in touch with my childhood friends , kindergarten teachers whom I once had no time to talk. This covid-19 altogether taught me a different kind of experience.

To summarize my daily routine, it starts with morning yoga and cooking ends up with reading books and writing diary. I could actually encounter that these are the most contented holidays I have ever spent

In the dark clouds of uncertainty about the future of our country there is a silver lining that India as a nation triumphs in near future and emerges as stronger as it was in the past.


--N.Snehita Chowdary, ECE, BVRIT H

Exploring The Opportunities

laxmi saiCOVID – 19 has brought a tremendous amount of change in my daily life. Like every other engineering student, my daily routine involved going to college and coming back home. It didn’t allow me to have any time for myself or focus on the things that I love.

I have a penchant for painting, but I never had the time to work on it. Due to the lockdown, I now have enough time to pursue my interests and I started painting frequently. It gave me an opening to work on my academics and explore different opportunities within the field of my interest. Also, I've started learning the Spanish language which I wanted to master for a long time now.

Initially, just staying at home seemed like a huge vexation. However, I eventually learned to accommodate to “social distancing”. Usually, everyone in my house would be busy dealing with their work and problems. Now, we get to spend a lot of time together. We have fun and talk about myriad things.

That being said, staying at home for 2-3months straight is not an easy thing to do. I miss spending time with my friends and I hope we'll leap over this hurdle soon.

I'm sure this pandemic has brought a lot of problems, heartbreak, and pain to many people out there. But focusing on that will just amplify the negativity. I believe it depends on the perspective and I choose to see the silver lining of this lockdown.

--Laxmi Sai Viswanadha, Chemical Engineering

Time To Evaluate My Career Options

pavanIt's been more than two months since I last stepped into my classroom; well the shift to online platforms has been an exciting and a very hectic one. As students and teachers scramble and to familiarize themselves with the new tools at hand, I find this situation to be something straight out of a science fiction novel. The quarantine has given me some time to introspect and reflect on my decisions and evaluate my career options. The online teaching trend has ushered in the habit of self-paced learning, which helped me learn various topics at my own pace.

The comforts of the college life which I have taken for granted have left me with a regret of not utilizing those precious moments to their fullest potential. I even picked up a few necessary life skills in my pass-time, which helped develop into a complete human being. I am enjoying this new switch to online classes, but I still miss the interactive aspect of in-class learning. The people who I miss the most are my friends, and the food that I crave is the canteen food. These were supposed to be my last few days in our college hostel before I move back to my parent's house.

Well, this concept of self-paced learning has left me with more time on hand, the lack of a forced schedule has forced me to manage my time, and stop me from procrastinating. I have recently perfected the art of "Binge Watching", which helped in watching all those in my watch later playlist. Cooking has essentially become my solace in these times of desperation and crisis. I even picked up psychology which I believe helped me evolve as a person.

As I enter my 4th and the final year of engineering, has left me with an insurmountable pressure of finding a job or planning my future course of action. So, this pressure has become a driving force for me to learn essential skills to create a resilient resume. The constant support from my department and placement team helped me out a lot.

“Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement."

--Pavan Raj Ravi , CSE

Future Is In Our Hands

hrithikaMarch 14th was the day COVID-19 changed everything for me. On the very day we had our minor project reviews to be conducted and also exams were approaching within a week or two. It was all of a sudden, this shocking news, LOCKDOWN. Before that, I had honestly brushed off the news of COVID-19. From what I heard the flu infects and kills many more people than COVID-19 had even touched.

On top of that, it seemed to me that the virus only affected the elderly, the very young or anyone with a weak immune. So I was sure that my 19-year old self could fight off something that seemed less harmful than the seasonal flu. Obviously, I was very wrong. COVID 19 has now become the global pandemic, infecting every single person it comes in contact. We can actually call it the “Invisible Enemy” as it is spreading without any warning.

In the beginning, I was a bit excited hearing the news, so that I can take a break from the routine. Self-isolation has actually been an interesting experience for me these days. And then days passed, weeks passed, and now it has been 2 months that I’ve stepped out of my house. It was just the COVID-19 everywhere and then our online ZOOM experiences, online assignments, online courses have started. At this point of time, I really miss our hangouts, everyday classes and all. But I believe that COVID-19 has a very positive impact on me, I took this opportunity to learn many new things and also improve my personality. It took time for me to adjust with the things going around. The best part of this pandemic was spending time with my family, every second was priceless.

I know, there are many losses and people are suffering due to this pandemic, but there is also an interesting thing amidst these. Our Mother Earth is healing; it is a sigh of relief for our future generations. Even now it is only in our hands to be safe. The only way is to STAY HOME and STAY SAFE!

--Hrithika Ganta, Chemical Engineering

Get The Best Out Of The Situation

manvithaI learned 2 new words in Year 2020, which completely changed lifestyle of everyperson.1st word is COVID 19, the Corona virus pandemic disease which has spread to almost every country and took lives of many innocent people.2nd word quarantine, a strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease. These two words impacted global health, social, economic and political crises that will leave deep scars even in the future.

Due to COVID 19 when government declared holidays for a week, beginning days of quarantine, I was very happy. Every educational institute including our college started online classes. We had 2 classes per day, quiz tests, assignments, project report and examination. I was completely bored with all those works .I personally felt class room learning was better than online as we habituated to it .But the main reason is I missed my way to college, our college breakfast, our lecturers, their scolding and hanging out with my friends.

We never know whether we get such free time again. So I decided to utilize it properly. I took up few online courses in programming and on my core relevant subjects. I completed my online internship. I started drawing again. Spent time with my family, connected with my old friends, tried many new dishes at home, and watched all the web series which I missed from past few months. I got lots of time to search more information regarding my project. I even started working on my personality development.

As time passed I was worried as our source of income reduced because of quarantine extension. Life has become tough to many middle class and poor families. I hope the dark clouds of this COVID 19 go away and rays of good health and happiness spread. Till that day arrive STAY HOME, STAY SAFE.

--K Manvitha Reddy, Chemical Engineering

Look At The Brighter Side Of Life

shivaniFor a person who is not a fan of socializing and who thrives being at home, quarantine is not a hard thing. I saw myself exploring a variety of options to make the most of it in these two months. From lazying around at home to making workout schedules...from fretting about the future to laying out plan B and plan C... from being the best procrastinator to burning the midnight oil to finish project work...from being a night owl to waking up before sunrise in the hope of being more productive...from doing daily chores to attending the online courses which were waiting to be completed....from feeling helpless about doing something for the people in need to donating the little money which I earned from my internship....each experience helped to make a better version of myself.

Some may think that a country is to be blamed for causing the chaos...some may think that a few people are responsible for spreading the virus...some may think that we're made to pay for our ill deeds….whatever the blame game may be, it has hit the innocent really hard. Nevertheless, it made us more compassionate for each other. And as they say, there's a bright side to everything, the nature is healing itself.

--P Shivani, Chemical Engineering