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Welcome to BVRITN

Freshman-About HoD


Dr. E Laxmi Narsaiah

Professor & Head
Dean Academic Affairs

Ph.D.: in "High Temperature Superconductivity" from Osmania University,1992

M.Sc.: Physics from Osmania University,1988


Teaching Experience: 22 years (along with R&D)

R&D Experience: 10 Years

Awards and Recognitions:

  1. Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) from DST, Senior Research Fellowship(SRF) and Research Associate from CSIR, New Delhi.

Fields of Specialization:

  1. Solid State Physics, High Temperature Superconductivity, Polymer Electrolytes, Solid State Batteries, Remote sensing & Geographic information Systems.

Research Papers Published

  1. Magnetism and superconductivity in cationic substituted Bismuth Curprates Bi2Sr2Ca1-x TRx Cu2 O8+ : Cerium and Dysprosium Journal of Physics 1114(1994)2235. F.Jordan, O.Pena and E.Laxmi Narsaiah.
  2. Substitution effect of Yttrium for Calcium in Bi-2212 system. Materials Chemistry and Physics 33(1993)58. E.Laxmi Narsaiah U.V.Subha Rao ,O.Pena and M.Sergent.
  3. Magnetism and Superconductivity in the 2:2:1:2 Bismuth Cuprate by disprosium substitution (Bi2Sr2Ca1-x Dyx Cu2 O8+). Solid State Commun .83(1992) 689.E.Laxmi Narsaiah U.V.Subha Rao ,O.Pena and C.Perin.
  4. Oxidising – Reducing effect in Yttrim doped Bi2Sr2CaCu2 O8+(Bi-2212) Superconductor. Material Science & Engg. B15(1992) 40. E.Laxmi Narsaiah U.V.Subha Rao ,O.Pena ,A.Perin and M.Sergant.
  5. Annealing effects on Tc in Bi2Sr2Ca0. 9 y0.1 Cu2O9+ System.. Material Science & Engg.B15(1992) 37.E.Laxmi Narsaiah U.V.Subha Rao ,O.Pena A.Perin and M.Sergant.
  6. Cationic substitution in n=2 phase of Bismuth –based curprates. ICMAS ’91, Technology Transfer Series (Ed.Niku-Lari)IITT-International, Paris(1991)p.67. E.Laxmi Narsaiah K.Narsimha Reddy and U.V.Subha Rao.
  7. High- Tc phase in the Bi-Al-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O suoerconducting system.. Crystal Research and Technol.26(1991)K115. E.Laxmi Narsaiah, K.Narsimha Reddy ,T.S.P.L.N.Prasad and U.V.Subha Rao.
  8. Growth of textured films of BiSCCO from alkali halide solutions. Bulletin of Materials Science 14 (1991) 410. E.Laxmi Narsaiah K.Narsimha Reddy ,T.S.P.L.N.Prasad and U.V.Subha Rao
  9. Thermoluminescence in YBa2Cu3O7.  samples. Phy.Stat.Solidi (a)119, (1990) 665. E.Laxmi Narsaiah, K.Narsimha Reddy ,T.S.P.L.N.Prasad, U.V.Subha Rao And P.Paroli.
  10. Conductivity and discharge characteristics studies of a noval polymer electrolyte based on PED complexed with Mg (NO3) salt Mat.Letts.29(1996) 285 S.Ramalingaiah, E.Laxmi Narsaiah, M.J.Reddy and U.V.Subha Rao
  11. A new PEO based thin film polymer electrolyte complexed with KYF4 and its application as an electrochemical cell J.Mat Sci.Lett 14 (1995) 1129 E.Laxmi Narsaiah, M.Jaipal Reddy ,S.S.Rao,and U.V.Subha Rao.
  12. Development of electrochemical cells based on (PEO+NaYF4) and (PEO+ KYF4) polymer electrolytes. Material Science & Engg .B 33(1995) 173 S.Sreepathi Rao, M.Jaipal Reddy ,E.Laxmi Narsaiah and U.V.Subba Rao .
  13. Study of a thin film electrochemical cell based on (PVP+AgNO3 ) electrolyte. Solid State Inonics 80(1995) 93 M.Jaipal Reddy, S.Sreepathi Rao, E.Laxmi Narsaiah and U.V.Subba Rao .
  14. Study of a new polymer electrolyte (PVP+KYF4) for solid state electrochemical cells. Journal of Power Source 55(1995) 255 M.Jaipal Reddy, E.Laxmi Narsaiah and U.V.Subba Rao .
  15. Preparation,Characterisation of (PA+NaClO3) and (PA+PEO+NaClO3) polymer electrolytes and their application to solid state batteries. C.Journal of Science (proceedings of 10th Asian conference on solid state ionics)2006. KNaresh,J.Shivakumar,K.Amarender reddy,M.Chandra shekar,E.Laxmi Narsaiah
  16. A comparative study of polymer thin film electrolytes- application to solid state batteries. International conference on Recent trends in Nano & Bio–Sciences.,24-26thFeb.,2010. K.Amarender Reddy,M.Chandra shekar, E.Laxmi Narsaiah


  1. Visitor CNRS Labs of France,Chairman BOS in BS&H,BVRIT,Member BOS in Physics for JNTUH,Vardhaman,JBIT,Member purchase committee ,JNTUH.