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Home IamSocial Blog Santhosh Kumar Veeramalla World's First Wi-Fi Router That Does 40 Gbps Even From 1 Km Distance


World's First Wi-Fi Router That Does 40 Gbps Even From 1 Km Distance

Posted by Santhosh Kumar Veeramalla
Santhosh Kumar Veeramalla
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on Monday, 03 June 2013
in Technology 7 Comments

Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have managed exactly that.

With so many data hungry websites (and apps) surrounding us all through the day, a slow Internet connection is a bummer of sorts. Especially, if your wireless router does not allow you enough freedom to move and still have the same impact. So hold your breath as we tell you about a Wi-Fi router that can send a complete 2 hour full HD movie over a kilometre in less than a second! Don’t believe us? Well, researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have managed exactly that.

The hardware used to transmit the data at 240 GHz was created by KIT and has a set of chips that is capable of sending high frequency signals. In this case, the higher the frequency, the smaller the antenna size to pick up the frequencies, which means faster transfer of data. “The number of bits carried over the airwaves is in inverse proportion to that of the wavelength. This means, the shorter the wavelength, the more data can be transferred in a set period of time,” reports the official site of the Institute.

While the speed of a few MBs per second is becoming pretty common, at higher frequency, the moisture levels in the air affect the signal strength. Working on the issue, the research team realised that 240 GHz is the spot where interference from moisture is the least. “The frequency range between 200-280 GHz allows compact technical assembly as well. At 240 GHz, the size of the transmitter/receiver chip measures only 4 x 1.5,” Crazy Engineer reported

This can be a revolutionary breakthrough for areas where fibre optics is not an option and can even bring down the cost considerably.

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