Assitive Technology Lab

Voice Activated Home Automation


Most of the specially-abled people have a common problem that they cannot communicate with the electronics as swiftly and effectively as others. It would always be appreciated if a simpler way was provided to them so that they could at least be able to operate the basic home appliances. We have chosen voice as one of the mode for communication between the electronics and the common people. It doesn't matter if the person has problems related to eye sight or with his/her body, but definitely will be able to use his/her voice. Even though the voice may be feeble it could still be used for this process. This project deals with making a system (electronic device) which converts the voice as a switch to all the devices i.e., it makes voice a perfect remote to all the devices like TV ,fan, lights and many other appliances. A few products might be available in market but they are only for individual device where as this can be used for all the devices. Also, this would prove to be a cost effective commodity. This module mainly consists of microcontrollers and a voice recognition chip. The basic principle is, converting the voice into digital data that could be fed to microcontroller so that the microcontroller could recognize the command and take necessary actions. This module is prepared so that it could be fixed at any part of the house or if required could be made into a hand carried to control some specific devices which the user may intend to. Hence this module may prove to be a real helpful tool to many people who are specially aided as they could perform all their tasks just with their voice. It could also be used for personal comforts.


  • Raghuveer, ECE
  • Rahul Krishna, ECE