Assitive Technology Lab

Electric Auto


Reliance on oil for transportation and generating air pollution is an ongoing problem in the world. Developing means of transportation that uses renewable energies, such as solar, wind and hydro electric, is the way of the future. Taking an existing platform, such as the Auto Rickshaw, then removing the gasoline or diesel components and replacing them with an electric motor, controller and batteries results in the ultimate form of recycling and use of renewable energies. In the Electric Auto Rickshaw project, the diesel engine and fuel systems were removed and replaced with an electric DC permanent magnet motor, user adjustable Pulse Width Modulated motor controller and battery pack. A custom coupling was designed and built to mount the electric motor to the existing manual transmission and clutch, changing the drive train from diesel to electric. A 5K potentiometer is connected to the Kelly KDH9401 and the driver uses the potentiometer to controller the motor controller, which then controls the speed of the motor. The prototype Electric Auto Rickshaw used off the shelf components, such as the Mars ME0709 DC motor and the Kelly KDH 9401 motor controller to make the diesel to electric conversion easy and repeatable for a good test platform.


  • David Harrington, CSE, UMass
  • Rakesh, Mechanical
  • Aneesh, Mechanical
  • Jagadish, Mechanical
  • Rahul, Mechanical
  • Mounish, Mechanical